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Top 5 Differences Between Male And Female Brain


1. Women have a better aptitude towards multitasking and managing a few information sources simultaneously while men get annoyed having to deal with a lot of things at the same time. But men are quicker at absorbing information so they are able to respond faster.

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2. Women are capable at remembering all of the details, while men usually focus only on the main important points.

3. Men are able to comprehend speech with increased logic so that they fully understand and hear exactly what’s being said. Women, on the other hand, use their emotions and intuition to perceive the hidden meaning of the information.

4. Men and women are using completely different parts of their brains in order to tackle the same tasks.

5. Women have 10% smaller brains than men but with aging male brains shrink significantly quicker than female’s. Intelligence is not affected by the brain size though.

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