Top 5 Most Bizarre Court Sentences

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1. Teens got sentenced to walk around the city with a donkey strapped with an apology sign

In 2003 two teenagers stole and vandalized a statue of baby Jesus in Fairport Harbor. The statue was part of the Christmas Eve decoration of the local church. After being caught by the authorities the two teenagers had to suffer the weirdest consequences ordered by the judge. The two troublemakers had to walk around the whole city on a donkey carrying an apology sign saying: “Sorry for the offense”. After that they had to serve 45 days in jail, of course.

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2. A woman was ordered to hold a sign naming her to be an idiot

After failing to stop for a school bus a 32-year-old woman was given a peculiar sentence. She had to endure two days of public embarrassment. The woman was ordered to hold a sign during rush hour with the words : “Only an idiot would drive on the sidewalk to avoid a school bus”.

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3. A teenager got sentenced to 10 years of church time

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A 17-year-old high school student got sentenced to 10 years of visiting church services. The boy was found guilty for first-degree manslaughter caused by a DUI accident which resulted in his friend’s death. In order to avoid jail time the judge also restricted the student of ever using alcohol, nicotine and drugs for the 10 year verdict.

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4. A 25-Year-Old Spanish man was convicted to leave home and find a job

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In Malaga, Spain a 25-year-old attempted to sue his parents when they decided to cut off his monthly allowance. The man requested from the court that his parents pay him around $600 per month. Instead of granting him his wish, the judge ordered against the man’s claim and told him to move out of his parents’ house and get a job for a living.

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5. A rap music fan was convicted to 20 hours of listening to classical music

Andrew Vactor was sentenced to pay a fine of $150 for playing loudly his favorite rap songs on his car stereo. However, the judge offered him a reduced fine of $35 if the man was willing to listen to 20 hours of classical music. Sadly, Vactor lasted only 15 min because he had basketball practice later that night and did not want to miss it.

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