Top 5 Most Bizarre Twin Stories

1. Edith and Johanna Casos

Edith, 22, wanted to marry the man she was in love with,Victor, but her family was against it. Not that anyone could blame them having in mind that Victor was serving a 13-year sentence in prison for killing Edith’s twin sister, Johana, two years earlier with whom he also had a relationship. Although Victor insisted that Edith was his true love, the girls’ parents intervened and pleaded for the court to postpone the wedding. Edith underwent Psychiatric evaluation in order to prove her mental stability and whether she is capable of such a decision. Apparently, she was judged sane as the couple married on February 14, 2013 while Victor was still incarcerated for the murder of Edith’s twin.

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2. Jim Lewis and Jim Springer

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The twin baby boys were separated at birth in 1940 and given up for adoption. They met for the first time in their late 30s. They were both given the name ‘Jim’ by their respective adoptive parents independently and that’s just on top of the sameness list.

Both men had married twice – first to women named Linda and then to women named Betty. Both had dogs as children and both dogs were named Toy. Both had sons that carry the same name – James Allen. They both worked as a sheriff deputy, liked the same beer and cigarette brand and drove the same type of chevrolet. Jim and Jim’s story is often used as an example of twin’s telepathy.

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