Top 5 Most Bizarre Twin Stories

3. Raymon and Richard Miller

Holly Marie Adams gave birth to a baby girl in 2004 and Raymon Miller was listed as the child’s father although there is no 100% he is the actual biological parent. Raymon had a twin brother, Richard, who also had a relationship with Holly at the same time. Without the twins knowing about it, she had actually slept with both of them on the same day when the child was supposedly conceived. Since the brothers’ DNA is 99% identical there is no way to prove which one is the father and which one is the uncle.

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4. Twins join in death

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72-year old twins were killed on a road in Finland in 2002. Yet, nothing that unusual but the two accidents actually happened separately but on the same road and only couple of hours apart. Both brothers were cycling along the road when they were hit by different trucks only a mile apart on the same icy road. What is even more odd, the second victim was highly unlikely to have known about his brother’s accident as the police had not yet informed the family.

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5. Oscar Stohr and Jack Yufe

The two were divided as infants in the 1930s in Germany.Oscar stayed in the country and later became part of the Hitler Youth while Jack was brought up a Jew and left Germany to settle in Israel. Although having completely different upbringing, the twin brothers turned out to be very much alike when they met in their late 50s. Despite the fact that one was a former swastika fan and the other wore a yarmulke they spoke in the same way, had the same taste in foods and shared some peculiar habits such as flushing the toilet both before and after using it as well as wearing a rubber band on yout wrist. Experts state that twins are genetically identical so it’s normal to have the same everyday preferences and their ideological beliefs are irrelevant to genetics.

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