Top 3 Things To Know About Paul Walker's Girlfriend Jasmine Pilchard-Gosnell


1. Jasmine Pilchard-Gosnel is a bright girl

Instead of just taking advantage of the fact that her boyfriend was wealthy, Jasmine decided to enroll in college in Santa Barbara. She decided to stick to her own life and pursue her own interests.

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2. Jasmine is like a mother to Walker’s daughter Meadow

Jasmine Pilchard-Gosnell reportedly became very close to Walker’s little girl. Despite their mere 8 year age difference Pilchard-Gosnell took on a mother role. Allegedly, she was the one to break the devastating news about Walker’s passing to Meadow.

3. Jasmine relies heavily on her family to help her get over Walker’s passing

When the news about Walker’s passing came out Jasmine was completely broken up by it. According to her uncle the couple had their ups and downs but were destined to have a bright future together. Jasmine’s mother was right beside her to comfort her in this tragedy.

Written by Sylvia

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