Top 50 ‘Lost In Translation’ Signs That Will Make You Cringe And Wonder

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Every now and then we see things that are so ridiculous that we find it hard to believe they are real! Well, in most of the cases they are as real as they can get, which makes them even funnier! Since we live for the fun things in life, it is worth sharing such things and social media is the place to do it.

The list below consists of many examples of translation fails gathered from all over the world. Some of them look like a bad joke, but each and every one of them is real!

1. Here is a nice warning sign for starters

Image Source: Instagram

We believe that nobody tried to eat that carpet, not even once, so that sign needs to be replaced.

2. This is something nobody would order

Image Source: Twitter

We believe that it would take a special kind of person to deliberately order this dessert.

3. It seems that someone needs to visit an English language course

Image Source: Imgur

The hilarious translation of this short text speaks for itself!

4. Now this is one literal translation

Image Source: Facebook

Someone tried to literally translate ‘meatball’ from Arabic and it ended up in disaster.

5. This salon sign is kind of correct

Image Source: Imgur

Of course, this is not the correct translation but it is still a valid one.

6. We guess they meant zombies

Image Source: Pinterest

We have no idea what this sign is about but something is definitely wrong here.

7. This one is also accurate depending on the point of view

Image Source: Instagram

It is definitely a translation fail but someone somewhere probably said a prayer in the restroom.

8. Here is a grim sign

Image Source: Reddit

We believe that they tried to translate ‘poultry’ here but they failed.

9. Do not eat that cheese

Image Source: Twitter

This is definitely not the best cheese to choose if you love life.

10. This place is not for the faint of heart

Image Source: Artfido

Only tough men would dare to visit this dental practice.

11. We wonder what these perfumes would smell like

Image Source: Slydoor

We reckon that perfumes bought from this place would not be sensational at all!

12. These instructions are funny

Image Source: Instagram

The question here is why you should take a shower with a vacuum cleaner running next to you?

13. This is the salon of evil

Image Source: Reddit

We do not want to know what happens inside that salon.

14. Here is one that still delivers the message

Image Source: Starpulse

We have no idea how they came up with that ‘q’ but it is still pronounced accurately enough.

15. Now this is an interesting flavor

Image Source: Twitter

It would be a somewhat cannibalistic experience to have a bite of these.

16. Here is an exotic menu

Image Source: Colourfulrebel

If you are into delicacies, you should not miss a couple of these meals!

17. This is a strange advice

Image Source: Instagram

We are not sure what kind of problem they meant here but it makes no sense whatsoever.

18. This is a bit worrying

Image Source: Instagram

Nobody would like to go somewhere where donkeys trim skirts, whatever that means exactly.

19. Here is a controversial sign

Image Source: Instagram

So they are basically telling people to ignore the rules here, which is odd!

20. This is our kind of lamps

Image Source: Susiesbigadventure

Lamps are pretty handy when it comes to providing light but this is our preferred choice of lamp.

21. There is an obvious mistake here

Image Source: Instagram

Either the image of a horse or the word ‘flamingo’ needs to be replaced here.

22. We tried to find the meaning behind this but we failed

Image Source: Instagram

There are so many ways to interpret this sign that we just decided to stop trying.

23. This is a flavor we do not want to try

Image Source: Hankermag

As much as we love eating Pringles, we will skip this particular flavor.

24. Here is one useful caution sign

Image Source: Eu-coordination

You really need to make sure you don’t allow for that to happen. It would be a bummer.

25. We are pretty sure our moms have no chickens

test ad
Image Source: Pinterest

There is something really wrong with this sign and we can’t find the real meaning.

26. This is the kind of variety we do not want to see

Image Source: Twitter

This menu is definitely not making us feel comfortable after looking at it.

27. We are not hungry anymore Source: Instagram

After seeing the offered decomposed mule we suddenly lost our appetite.

28. This salad is not our preferred choice

Image Source: Instagram

One of the ingredients is definitely something we would pass on.

29. Manuel probably kept pushing the automatic doors

Image Source: Instagram

Someone was fed up with Manuel constantly trying to break the automatic doors.

30. We guess this is the entrance where they bring stuff through

Image Source: Instagram

The difference between staff and stuff is just one letter and the mistake is obvious here.

31. This is one high-tech menu

Image Source: Instagram

These are definitely the most technologically advanced meals we’ve seen.

32. It seems that only the shrimp does some work here

Image Source: Superenglishsuratthani

It looks unfair that only the shrimp actually does something without getting help from the fish.

33. This is impossible to understand

Image Source: Imgur

Here is classic example with a huge and completely meaningless sign.

34. The pregnant bags are curious

Image Source: Facebook

We are wondering how exactly do impregnate a bag?

35. Here is a shop you might want to miss

Image Source: Instagram

The treats offered at this place are a huge no-no if the sign is correct.

36. This sign suggests that you should throw something down the toilet

Image Source: Instagram

They tried to forbid something but they actually allowed it.

37. They got that wrong for sure

Image Source: Instagram

Nobody could forbid crying but a ban on shouting is more than welcome.

38. The arrival hole sounds unwelcoming

Image Source: Overafrica

We wonder if there is a departure hole as well.

39. There is no place there, obviously

Image Source: Instagram

This sign still suggests you should go there despite what it says.

40. We were not aware Salomon had a couple of squids

Image Source: Instagram

We guess that King Salomon kept the squids a secret.

41. This menu suggests some funny ingredients

Image Source: Twitter

They gave their best to make this menu look good but there are a lot of funny translations.

42. Here is the worst kind of problem

Image Source: Facebook

Nut problems are definitely not a pleasant experience, just ask any man.

43. Now this is one interesting term

Image Source: Imgur

We believe that this is one of the funniest translation fails on the list.

44. This machine will not return change

Image Source: Instagram

The bad translation gave the sign a whole different meaning.

45. This is definitely not our preferred choice

Image Source: Instagram

This is one pricey meal, considering the main ingredient.

46. Here is the best sign for a golf course parking

Image Source: Cairoscene

47. This is one English course you should not go to

Image Source: Hankermag

It appears that this course might not actually teach you anything.

48. This is another sign that appears to be controversial

Image Source: Instagram

As you can see, this sign actually encourages smoking.

49. Every swimmer would be confused by this sign

Image Source: Instagram

We guess it would be tough to follow these rules for obvious reasons.

50. This is the funniest caution sign

Image Source: Instagram

It does not actually tell if the floor is wet or not, but it suggests it might be.


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