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Top 9 Of The Spookiest And Most Bizarre Urban Legends You Definitely Didn’t Know


Urban legends are fun to tell, because they tend to cause panic and nobody is ever sure if they’re true or not. They serve as modern day folklore. There is usually just enough credibility or truth to the story to make even the most skeptical person believe a little of what’s been told.

Urban legends are usually based on the same premise from place to place, with changes made to reflect the local culture depending on where its being told.

These stories are presented as being the whole truth, and are often used as cautionary tales. Maybe to keep kids away from a certain spot, or maybe to remind all of us that there are dangers we don’t know about lurking wherever we might go.

Here are a few famous weird urban legends that you may not have heard of.

1. Coca cola

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Coca Cola is probably the most popular and most recognizable sting in the world. It is instantly known in just about every country on earth.

Many love it for its sweet taste. Others adore the fizz. Either way, it’s the number one selling soda worldwide.

Even though it’s so popular, there are many stories and urban legends about the fizzy concoction that was once made with actual cocaine. So many, that the term ‘cokelore’ exists.

The most popular one is that it will literally dissolve teeth. The legend is, if you put a tooth into a glass of Coke, it will dissolve overnight. Of course this is not true.

It is a good ideas to make sure you brush after any sugary food or drink, though.

2. Alien Abduction


In Italy, the most well known urban legend are about the man who claims to have been abducted by aliens numerous times.

Fortunato Zanfretta claims to have been abducted by extraterrestrials in many occasions starting in 1978 and ending in 1981.

The memories he has of these encounters have been documented thoroughly with the help of hypnosis. He’s recollections are highly detailed and consistent. Skeptics known to be very steadfast are said to believe his stories.

His case is actually one of the most unexplainable in history. Nobody has been able to prove it false.

3. The slit mouth woman

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Many times, urban legends are native to one area, but not this one. Japan and China share one of theirs. The Samurai’s Wife. Also known as the slit mouth woman.

Legend has it that she was a beautiful, young woman married to a brave Samurai. She led a torrid affair with a handsome man while her husband was off fighting. Upon his retirement he found out about the other man and, in a rage, slit her face from ear to ear with his sword.

They say she wanders around now, asking anyone she meets if she is still pretty. If the response isn’t positive, she kills the offender.

A slight variation has her wearing a mask. She still asks if she’s pretty, and when told yes, she takes off the mask, revealing her scars. If met with negativity, you guessed it. She takes the life of the poor person unlucky enough to have crossed her path.


Written by Amanda Johnson

Amanda Johnson is a former Army brat who resides in southern Alabama. She is married to her wonderful husband, Brian, and has four children; Justin, Nicolas, Molly, and Lucas. She loves reading, writing, cooking, and going to concerts. She also loves spending time at the beach and hopes to retire there someday.

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