President Donald Trump can’t use an iPhone even if he wants to, because of security issues

Are you frustrated that you don’t have an iPhone while everyone around you is obsessed with theirs? Don’t be. Even the President of the United States doesn’t have one. Or more accurately, he isn’t allowed to have one.

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Secret Service specialists does NOT allow Donald Trump to use iPhone. iPhone is something which many people view as an absolute must these days.You’re probably wondering why a man in his position doesn’t have the latest version of the tech toy. He is not allowed to do so due to security reasons, which he didn’t bother explaining. He is instead a firm and loyal Samsung customer.

Some online sites claim that he went back on using Samsung Galaxy S3, because he is tweeting too much. Some hackers claim that Android hasn’t updated its S3 devices since early 2015 and there are a lot of vulnerabilities. The most dangerous one is taking full control of the Smartphone with a single text message.

Other online medias are claiming that The 45th President of the States started using iPhone for his tweets. The iPhones itself DO have a lot of vulnerabilities as well. There are not know ones at that moment, but please keep in mind that black hat hackers will take advantage of a bug or vulnerability at first and then report it.

Either way it doesn’t matter if he is using Android or iPhone device for his tweets. It’s 99% verified that he is NOT using a smartphone as a personal phone and he only uses one for online social networking. That way if a device gets compromised no useful information will leak.

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