‘Twitter Users’ Think That The Spanish Word For Black Is ‘Racist’ and Want It Changed

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Okay, it is important to be politically correct. If you’re a decent person, you’re not looking to offend anyone with your words or with your actions.

That said, it does seems as if some people are looking for reasons to get offended. We all know the person who will get horribly upset over the most minor of slights or tamest of jokes. That person is the one we try to avoid inviting to our parties, as he or she will just bring the party down.

Apparently, people are offended by the name of a dog. To be more specific, the dog’s name is Negro, which means black in Spanish. The owner is now being considered racist by social media users who clearly need something else to do with their lives than hang out on the internet.

The dog has black fur, so calling him “Negro” makes sense. Generally, when naming dogs, you either name it after one of its physical characteristics (e.g., “Spot”, if the dog has spots) or after a character from a beloved television program. My dog is named after a character from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and I also know a dog named Oreo—she is black and white, like Oreo cookies.

So calling a dog “black”, while not terribly original, is not the act of a racist—except in the mind of Twitter users.
It should be pointed out that the dog’s owner, “Becky”, is terribly worried because her beloved pooch is missing. She asked to be messaged if anyone spotted her buddy; for obvious reasons, she wants her pet back.

Instead of being supportive or helpful, the internet decided to be idiotic. It somehow came to the conclusion that the young Hispanic woman from Mexico is a racist because she named her dog what she did.

1You really can’t make this stuff up. Ridiculous, right?
Yes, the word “negro” was used in a truly unfortunate way towards African-Americans; however, it is still a common word in a language spoken by millions and millions of people. One social media user, in a response to Becky’s request for assistance, earnestly suggested that the use of the word “negro” by people who speak Spanish is—in and of itself—racist.

You kind of have to wonder about that particular Twitter user, who goes by HER, don’t you? Does she have nothing better to do with her life than get offended over a thing that no sane person would get offended over?

Another social media user told Becky that she wouldn’t find her dog—not with a “name like that”. That user’s name is Luna Lovegood, and she should probably be unfriended by everyone she associates with on social media and in real life.
Fortunately, not everyone on the internet is an easily-offended jerk, and many are sticking up for Becky, who seems like a nice enough person. Anyone who worries about their missing pet is an okay person in my book.

Picture: Twitter/ rebeca_macias18

One friendly social media user who goes by the name Kennedy told Becky that she’s sorry about the missing canine as well as the ignorance Becky has been forced to encounter, also expressing her hope that Becky is reunited with her dog.

Another social media user named Vashti pointed out what I just did—people get offended over nothing. As Vashti put it, she didn’t even take Spanish in school but still knew that negro means black. She too expressed her hope that Becky is reunited with her dog.

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Yet another social media user made a very good point. Her name is Denisse Ramirez, and she pointed out that calling a black dog “negro” is akin to calling a brown dog “brownie”.

Just a couple of hour later Becky tweeted that she’s all fed up with that:v

Becky has been accused of being a racist, but she’s been brave enough to respond to the accusations. When she was asked why she named her dog after a color, Becky simply replied that she did so because he is her dog. As she put it: “is he my dog or your dog?”

The user who questioned her answered her rhetorical question, saying that Becky had the right to name her dog whatever she wished, but also added that naming a dog “negro” would “draw questions” in the “times of today”.

If you’re rolling your eyes while reading this, you’re definitely not alone. I rolled my eyes while writing it.
Anyway, Becky was cool enough to respond to that guy, saying that she didn’t consider “Negro” to be a weird name. She apologized to those she inadvertently offended, but “negro” is a color, and that’s the color of her dog.

The worst part of this story is not that social media users are clearly the most easily offended people on Earth and look for reasons to get outraged over nothing; sadly, the worst part of this story is that Negro has yet to be reunited with his loving owner. Becky, do us a favor and let us know when you find him, okay?

Written by Kevin Barrett

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