Two People Were Banned From All-You-Can-Eat Restaurant For Eating Too Much

Two young men were banned from an all-you-can-eat restaurant in Brighton, England because they ate too much food.

The manager of the Gobi restaurant decided not to allow the 26-year-old George Damlon and the 25-year-old Andy Miles in the place, because they always ate too much. He pointed that the two men acted like “a couple of pigs” and usually ate enormous amounts of food, such as five bowls of stir-fry per person.

The all you can eat offer

According to the advertisement published in the restaurant’s website you can pay about $20 and eat as much as you like. This means everyone can return to the buffet as many times as they wish.

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The manager, who wanted to remain anonymous, said the restaurant wasn’t a charity organization but a business and they couldn’t afford providing services to such customers. The two men have been visiting the restaurant for two years but finally the manager chose to prohibit them from visiting the place.

Editor’s note:

Digging the Internet looking for an information we found a couple of reviews about that restaurant.

On the website TripAdvisor one Customer stated that the bowls were pretty big and he usually couldn’t eat more than a bowl and a half.

Another customer stated that when he was there he ate as much as he liked and nobody said nothing to him.

So, I can’t really take a decision on who is right and who is wrong here. Upon my knowledge the all you can eat restaurants shouldn’t ban people for eating too much and if they run out of business it’s their own problem. The customers are paying a flat rate fee for eating as much as they feel like and this is what they should get. These guys look like they will eat a lot, but raising the price instead of banning them will do much better.

According to my personal research these types of restaurants charge twice as you can actually eat, so it doesn’t really matter is you are going to eat too much or not, because when we think about the the major customer group there is families and when for example a regular family with two kids go there they charge the kids as adults and well guess what, the kids can’t eat 1/3 of what an adult can. So they are making their profits big time.

And if the owner don’t want the customers to eat more than a regular meal maybe he should change the moto to “All you can eat in one dish” restaurant. That way the people will know when they get there that if they get a second dish they may get banned.

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