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Did You Know That Using A Smartphone At Night Can Give You A….


Usually, company employees in America are quite addicted to their own smart devices. Above all in this list of devices which constantly steal the attention is the smartphone. However, a recently emerged scientific study shows that smartphone usage with business related purposes after 9 p.m. in the evening is actually harmful.


The study was released by the University of Washington and it proves that smartphones have a negative impact on our sleeping patterns. To put the results simply: the more you use your smartphone to cram in some more work after 9 p.m., the less productive and fresh you will be the next day. According to the assistant professor of management based at the Foster School of Business, employees should always focus on starting an important work day with a fresh mind. In order to have a fresh mind they need more than 8 hours of solid sleep per night.


This is where “blue light” emitting smartphones interfere with the sleeping patterns and inhibit us of relaxing when we need to. The study also points out that using smartphones late at night would have a greater negative effect compared to watching TV or using a tablet or laptop.


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