Wearing Ripped Jeans In The Sun Can Give You A Really Hard Time

Image Source: Twitter / Aryanna Fielding

For reasons that are sort of unclear, people like to buy distressed clothing. In particular, people like to buy jeans that have rips and tears in them. There is no real shame in that; we have all bought a pair or two during our lifetimes. If we haven’t actually purchased a pair, we have all worn out a pair to the point they develop rips, tears, and holes.

It can be a good look, really, but there is a problem that arises when you are wearing distressed jeans and the sun is also strong—which the images in this story will demonstrate.

In the image above, a person named Tay demonstrates exactly why you should not wear ripped jeans for any extended period of time during the summer months. Her legs have zebra-like marks that are not terribly attractive. Tay apparently sat out in the sun for over two hours in the jeans. Let’s hope she put sunscreen on her face, as melanoma is not a laughing matter.

This person, who goes by Jess on social media, has it even worse.

You really have to wonder exactly how long Jess was enjoying the sunshine. How did she not recognize the fact she was doing genuine harm to her skin? Did she also forget to put on sunscreen?

Alysha also enjoyed wearing ripped jeans—you know, until she didn’t. Her legs look terrible, and sunburn can be extremely painful. Sunburn also looks terrible once the skin starts to peel.


Megan—her legs in the picture above—also seems pretty disturbed by what is happening on her legs.

The image above shows what happens when you wear ripped jeans in the sun for the better part of a day. It does not look fun. Kassie was clearly not enjoying herself when the picture was taken.

If you’re going to wear ripped jeans and risk skin cancer, though, you might as well be brave and throw caution to the wind—like this young woman did.

These jeans—if you can call them that—in the image above are actually available for purchase. You would think they would cost very little considering there is essentially nothing to them, but you would be completely and totally wrong. They retail for over $150. The designers use fancy language to make them sound good, true, but they do not serve much of a purpose. If you want to cover your legs, these jeans are essentially useless.

It is definitely weird that the model is wearing them at an amusement park. Could you imagine what the children are thinking?

The fashion companies are getting even weirder and less appropriate, though. They are now selling jeans that don’t technically have a crotch—in case, you know, you want to offend more people more easily.

Image Source: ASOS

As you can see in the image above, that pair of jeans offers others you might encounter a view of your underpants. They also cost more than $70. We have truly entered an era where you pay a lot more for a lot less.

You really have to wonder where the fashion industry will go with jeans in the coming years, don’t you? It is going to be difficult to top the jeans that don’t have a crotch, but it is possible. Jeans that are technically just knee pads? I could see that being a big seller.

Once upon a time, jeans were trousers worn by hardworking men and women. They were invented way back in 1871; they were designed primarily for miners and cowboys. The greaser subculture started wearing them in the 1950s, and things changed. They are now one of the most popular kinds of trousers.

Distressed denim first became popular in the 1970s due to the punk movement—in particular, you can thank the Sex Pistols for distressed denim and all of the melanoma that it has caused in the past forty or so years.

All joking aside, you really do have to be wary of melanoma, a form of cancer that typically impacts the skin. In women, it typically occurs on the legs, which is why distressed jeans are just not a good idea. According to the most recent statistics, melanoma causes almost 60,000 deaths a year. Genetics and exposure to ultraviolet rays are the primary causes of melanoma. The cancer can—if untreated—spread to the bones, liver, and abdomen.


Written by Kevin Barrett

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