What Is Realized When You Stop Drinking For A Year

Drinking VS 3 Years Sober

Kelly Fitzgerald was your typical young person. Full of life and fun and alcohol. Too much alcohol, and it was negatively affecting her life. She was tired of feeling bad, and tired of disappointing her friends and family. One day she decided to quit, and this is what happened.

Her senses are heightened, feelings are more intense. With the numbing effect of alcohol removed, she actually feels. She cries when sad, but is exuberant when happy.

She now has some understanding of her real self, not the drunk girl. She can let people get to know the real Kelly. And she’s great.

Kelly realized that what started off as fun had become a burden. All the bad things in her life could be traced back to drinking, and attempts at cutting back never worked. So alcohol had to go.
She is present in her life! She realized that in an alcohol haze, the chaos was comfortable and normal. Although it took some getting used to, the new calmness and facing issues without a drink has improved her quality of life!

She suffered a broken nose after a long night drinking!

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The realization that alcohol was a direct cause of an abysmal love life was hard. Admitting that it justified bad choices, and ignored red flags was a bitter pill to swallow. Being sober has allowed her to become involved with a good man, who is showing her what real love means.

Finding out who her true friends are. Many of the people she drank with were nothing more than that. They had different goals and just weren’t the true friends that being drunk had her thinking they were.

She realized that it’s ok to not be perfect. Feeling the emotions and facing mistakes takes courage. She now knows that she is good enough as is.

After years in a fog, and muddling through hangover after hangover, Kelly feels better than ever! She says she will never go back to her party girl ways. Sobriety feels too good! A year into sobriety and so much has changed for the better! Kelly says she can’t imagine ever feeling the need to converting back to her old ways.

One of her dreams is to become certified recovery coach. At the moment she is a freelance writer and co-founder of Bloom Club.

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