Woman, 33, Arrested For Having Sexual Relationship With Her Brother

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In Florida, a woman, 33, has been arrested for participating in an incestuous relationship with her biological brother.

An investigation of Pauline Elizabeth Martin began when she delivered a baby with major issues on November 21, 2017.

After the baby was born, genetic testing that was done as the baby was cared for at Winnie Palmer Hospital to determine the root of some issues, revealed that the Mom and Dad were closely related.

Police contacted Martin at her job as a cashier at McDonald’s in Leesburg last week.

During the questioning, Martin revealed that she had been dating her brother for the past five years and that he was the father of her child.

She told officers that she moved to the state to live with him three years ago. According to her Facebook page, she is from Connecticut.

Image Source: Facebook

Pauline Martin already had one child from a previous relationship — a girl who is 12 years old.

Martin was asked when the last time was that she had sexual intercourse with her brother and she said it was the night before, which would have been March 21.

She did say that she regrets dating her brother and had been planning to break up with him. She said she realized that what they were doing was wrong.

Image Source: Facebook

During questioning, she also attempted to run out through the back of the McDonald’s.

Despite her effort to elude the officers, they were successful in placing her under arrest and they took her to the police station to be booked.

She became upset on the ride from her job to the station, hollering a curse word and spitting.


Her bond was set at $3,000 and she was out the next day.

So far, Martin’s brother has not been named and police have not been successful in locating him as of yet.

The charge of incest could carry up to a five year prison sentence if she is found guilty.

Incest is defined as any activity of a sexual nature between relatives. This includes sexual activity between people who are related by blood, and sometimes those related by marriage or are members of a step-family.

The subject of incestuous relationships has always been a cultural taboo. Present day, and ancient societies have laid down laws regarding incest or put strict social restrictions on incestuous relationships and marriages. In places where it is illegal, adult incest between consenting partners is seen as a victimless crime by many people.

Some think of it as incest even between relatives with no blood relation such as step-siblings and adopted siblings.

Farther down relatives like aunt, nephew, or first cousin share about 12.5% of genes, so sexual relations between them is viewed differently in some cultures. Sometimes it is discouraged, but sometimes it is socially acceptable.

Children that result from incestuous relationships have been historically been regarded as illegitimate, and still are in some places. Parents did not have the option to wed, thus removing that status, because incestuous marriages have always been illegal almost everywhere.

Some genetic counselors have studied research about biological side effects of mating with relatives. They concluded that there is only a small increase of approximately four percent of birth defects of the offspring of cousins.

Sex leading to children between first degree relatives (sister/brother, mother/son), told a different story. Four studies on the consequences of incest between first degree family members were pored over. The conclusion was that nearly forty percent of the resulting babies were born with autosomal disorders, intellectual deficits, or congenital malformations.

Fourteen percent of the children ended up suffering from mild mental deficits. The takeaway is that the odds of a first degree incest offspring suffering an early death, a birth defect or a mental deficiency are close to 50 percent.


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