Woman Roll Over Hairdresser With Her Car After He Ruined Her Hair

Cassandra Gilmore from Oak Lawn was arrested after assaulting her hairdresser in downtown Chicago.

Before a few days the young lady (18 years old) went to Luigi’s Beauty Palace for a haircut by Francesco Moreno – a famous stylist in downtown Chicago. According to the police investigators after getting her haircut done when she saw herself in the mirror instantly panicked and assaulted the stylist. At first she attacked him with a curling iron.

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There were two customers on the spot who immediately tried to stop her. Thanks to them she was literally kicked out of the store and the fight was prevented.

Determined for retribution and revenge for her “ruined” life, the woman was waiting for the victim four-five hours in her car, which was parked around the establishment.

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Around 2:15PM, the stylist left his workplace, where the disgruntled client hit him with her car. According to the eyewitnesses, the speed which the vehicle passed through Mr. Moreno was around 50mph.

Rosen Taylor, a colleague of Mr. Moreno also saw the incident and said Ms. Gilmore has gone trough him 7 times with her car.

“I saw her car roll over a flowerbed and hit Francesco at incredible speed. She then backed up and kept rolling back and forth over him until her car stalled.”

A few people immediately called 911 and less than two minutes later the first officers came to the spot. They arrested the aggressive woman and rapidly called an ambulance.

Transported to Mercy Hospital, Mr. Moreno was stabilized and hospitalized. Despite serious injuries – 8 broken ribs, perforated lungs, 2 skull fractures, 21 other bone fractures and severe internal bleeding, doctors said he will survive.

Ms. Gilmore acknowledged her desire for revenge and deliberate assault on Mr Moreno, saying her life is ruined by this terrible and unpleasant haircut.

The young lady said her prom night is only after a month and she insisted for perfect trail haircut. She also admitted she was under tension when it comes to the most wonderful night in her life.

Well, Cassandra Gilmore will probably miss her prom night after her performance. Except that she was driving extremely dangerous and was accused of attempting murder with a car, she would have to face up to 20 more charges.

According to the state law, 75 years of imprisonment are expected for her brutal act. The lawsuit probably will start in a couple of months.

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