You’ll never guess what this girl found lurking inside her KFC…


An 8 year old from the UK found a truly disgusting secret ingredient lurking inside her to-go KFC burrito wrap.

Image Source: Cascade
Image Source: Cascade

Finding an unwanted food particle in your meal can put you off it, let alone finding an actual insect in it – which is exactly what the 8 year old Jessica discovered in her KFC order.

Jessica’s mother, Crystal Atkinson-Taylor, treated her two young daughters with a KFC to-go meal from one of the fast food chain’s branches located in Hyndburn Road, Lancashire, UK. Jessica opened up her burrito wrap sandwich and found a big black insect lurking inside the lettuce leaves in it. The girl and her younger sister got so scared by the disgusting insect that they couldn’t eat anything for the rest of the day and vowed to never touch lettuce ever again. Their mom, Crystal, who has been a custom of KFC’s for a while, immediately took the burrito wrap back to the restaurant from which she bought it, and showed it to the manager. While KFC’s officials were shocked by the nasty insect in the wrap, they still stated that things like these are only normal. They told Crystal that the company is working with fresh food items grown outdoors, which is why insects can easily make their way into the vegetables. Nevertheless, they still refunded her and apologized to her and her daughters.


Crystal contacted the local media and told them about the nasty case saying how shocked she was by the fact that KFC’s workers, who put together every single sandwich by hand, could not notice that a big insect has been crawling inside the lettuce leaves. Crystal also said that she gets “sick” just by thinking about the event and that she’ll never order anything from the food chain again.


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