Did you know that One young girl and her dad managed to recreate the stunning


A father and his young daughter recreated Jurassic Park’s scenery (with dinosaurs and everything!) with the help of Lego constructor particles worth nearly $100,000.

Image Source: YOUTUBE
Image Source: YOUTUBE

Young Hailee, her dad and a team of digital wizards made the impossible possible. They managed to make a short motion picture based on Jurassic Park’s famous scenes using Lego constructor particles and some digital magic. The countless particles used in the stunning sceneries have been estimated to be worth around $100,000, but the kick Hailee and her dad got out of making their movie is basically priceless. The video footage is just over 3 minutes long, but it most definitely is one piece of artwork! The fantastic stop-motion animation took quite some time, funds and digital editing. It was voiced over and put together until it finally became one movie. At the end of it Hailee and her dad talk about the process, the emotions and the hard work they put into it. The footage was uploaded on YouTube on the 10th of March this year and it has already scored more than 800,000 views!

Apart from that, the duo also uploaded a slightly longer behind the scenes video to show exactly how they made the stop-motion movie. The 4 minute long video shows the hard work Hailee, her dad and their team of digital wizards put into this amazing Lego project. It’s not clear how much time exactly they put into building the sceneries, let alone filming, voicing over, animating and putting everything together took, but the final results are definitely stunning.


You’ll definitely enjoy this stop-motion animation even if you’re not a fan of Steven Spielberg’s original Jurassic Park.


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