Youtube Star Logan Paul Apologized After Receiving Backlash For Posting A Video Of A Dead Man

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Our modern lives are fairly complicated in many ways. The social demands of today’s world are sometimes too hard to accept, and people struggle to keep up. As a result, many people end up with a mental illness; worse, they can stop believing that they have reasons to be alive and sadly take their own lives as a result. The suicide crisis has affected the entire globe, and countries everywhere are trying to figure out how to stop it. A great number of different activities, organizations, programs, and incentives are fighting against the problem and are constantly inventing new ways to assist the people in need. However, if you are not a mental health professional, it may be better not to try, or you might end up in Logan Paul’s situation, which is a classic example of how good intentions may result in disaster.

The YouTuber, who is only 22 years old, went to Japan recently. He decided to make a video about the notorious Aokigahara forest, which is often called “the suicide forest” for a very chilling reason. The area, which is covered heavily with trees and is located just below Fuji Mountain, is a place where many people choose to end their lives. Due to this disturbing fact, several documentaries have been made about the place, but none of them created a buzz quite like Paul’s video did; that’s due to the fact that—unlike the others—he included a dead body in his footage. Knowing that, you can’t blame people for being angry with him after watching the video.
Including the dead person’s body in the video was definitely not a good idea, but it seems he thought it would have a different impact than the outrage it actually created. He even deleted all the swearing from the video in an attempt to not offend his fifteen million subscribers; he figured there would be no problem if the dead body were exposed, as the face of the victim was not clear for everyone to see.

In the video, the young American became very emotional when he discovered the corpse. He decided that he wanted to send a message to all of the followers of his channel, advising and urging them to immediately seek help if they feel unstable or have some kind of a mental disease they are trying to overcome. It is unclear why he thought that showing the dead body in a part of the video would help spread the message in a positive way. Worst of all, the dead person is shown from a very close distance, and everyone could take a good look at it, which was absolutely inappropriate.
Upon seeing a lot of abuse on different social media platforms, Paul was forced to apologize via a Tweet, in which he admits it all was a huge mistake.

Paul says that he found it very hard to apologize since he never experienced such criticism before; this was, according to him, his first huge mistake. He stated how sorry he was and admitted that he can make a mistake just like any other human, though he thinks of himself as a nice person with no bad intentions whatsoever.
The YouTuber admitted that he uploaded the video mainly for the views that it would get, but he also wanted to spread a positive message over the web, insisting that the thought that it may have the opposite effect had clearly not crossed his mind. He insists that he wanted to help in raising awareness of suicide prevention. Paul stated that he was in a bit of shock and overwhelmed by emotions, which led him to a wrong judgment of the situation. In his own words, he still was influenced by those emotions while trying to apologize.

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He added that what he does for a living can be very stressful—he creates and uploads new content every day and has been doing it for more than 460 days. Paul states that doing this can put you in such a state that you are not able to predict every possible reaction or outcome. The young man claimed that he has always been fully aware of the huge responsibility he possesses via influencing millions of people on a daily basis. He truly regretted the fact that he used that power in a wrong way, and he promised that there isn’t going to be a second time.
Logan Paul continued with his post by saying that he loves everyone and that he believes in people.
The inappropriate video was eventually removed from Paul’s YouTube channel; still, it had more than five hundred thousand views before it was removed. We hope that Paul did not lose any of his subscribers, but one thing is for sure—this will be a powerful reminder for him to always think twice about the most suitable way to spread a message of such great importance.


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