YouTube Suspended Logan Paul From Making Any Money At All

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Those in charge at YouTube have decided to punish Logan Paul yet again, and this punishment is quite severe.

For those who are not entirely familiar with the whole ordeal, Logan Paul got into a bit of trouble in the past couple of months. The young YouTube star made the dubious decision to travel to a forest in Japan that is very well known for being a place where people sadly take their own lives. The young star stumbled upon a dead body, and then he decided to make jokes about the situation.

It might be an understatement to say that the internet did not respond particularly well to that.
At first, YouTube decided to punish Logan by no longer featuring the videos he makes as part of company’s “preferred program”. YouTube was not at all happy with Logan’s decision to post his reaction to viewing the body and then joking about it.

YouTube also cancelled the YouTube Red movie called The Thinning: New World Order. It was meant to be a sequel to his 2016 movie called The Thinning.

The 22-year-old Logan Paul allegedly took an entire month off in order to reflect on his actions; he also made an apology video, which was seen by millions.

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So why is YouTube punishing Logan Paul yet again? He is apparently exploiting innocent animals in order to get clicks. A video depicts him firing a taser at a rat—who was dead. He did so multiple times. If he did so for any other reason to get people to watch his stuff, we are not sure why.

In the video, Logan Paul and a couple of friends have found a rat on a deck. Paul decided that it would be “cool” to shoot the corpse of the rat with the aforementioned taser. He shot it again after the carcass was tossed into a rubbish bin. Paul is also seen performing CPR on a fish that he had removed from a garden pond.

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Understandably, the group PETA—the animal rights activist group—asked YouTube to delete the video described above.

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It is worth pointing out that the suicide video that got Logan in so much trouble also depicts destruction of property, traffic violations, and interfering with the operations of businesses in Japan. He was facing legal action as a direct result of that video.

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A vice-president for PETA—Lisa Lange—has wondered exactly how many chances Logan Paul should get, saying that the group finds his actions repulsive. As she pointed out, he has millions of “impressionable” followers, but he has apparently not learned that there is no humor in the death of other creatures—only sadness. She does not think his content has any place on YouTube—it could lead young people to becoming desensitized to animal cruelty.

Paul told the network ABC that his experience since the suicide video has been “tough”, referring to himself as a “good guy” who just made a “bad decision”. He allegedly received death threats as a result of his choosing to post that video. The “hurt” he is experiencing, according to him, is “ironic”, and has stated that he believes he stumbled across the suicide victim so that he could “learn”.

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Ads on Paul’s site have been removed by YouTube—at least temporarily—as of the 9th of February. His recent “pattern of behavior” was cited by the popular video sharing site. As a direct result, Logan’s income will be directly impacted. It is believed that Logan earned over a million dollars every month via his videos and other related ventures.

A spokesperson for YouTube said that the decision to stop featuring ads on Logan Paul’s channels was not one that was made lightly. However, his pattern of behavior is such that his channels are not suitable for their advertisers. In fact, the spokesperson said that they could be damaging to the creator community that the company has established.

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It should be noted right now, because Logan Paul initially got in trouble for a suicide-related video, that suicide is the number one killer of young men in the United Kingdom (between 18 and 34). Sadly, men in that age range generally kill themselves at three times the rate that women of similar ages do.
At this point, all things considered, it is fair to say that Logan Paul should definitely reexamine what sort of content he wants to make in the future.


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