А Selfie Posted On Facebook Led To A 7 Year Manslaughter Conviction

Image Source: Facebook

Technology is amazing, I think we can all agree on that. We can use it to look up literally anything we want to know online. We can share our lives with friends and family that live far away. We can post pictures of our meals day after day if we want to.

Some people go a bit overboard, sharing it all, and some prefer to be cryptic with what they post.

No matter what your social media persona is like, just know that it can tell more about you than meets the eye.

Most of us can pick up clues about everyday life in Facebook photos. You can tell if someone is messy when you see the background of their pictures. You can ascertain what it is that they value by what they share photos of. You can even tell their sense of humor by which memes they choose to share.

I bet you’d never guess that an innocent selfie could lead to a conviction in the death of a young girl.

But, one did.

Cheyanne Rose Antoine has just been given a seven year prison sentence after a selfie on Facebook led police to arrest her.

Image Source: Brittney Gargol / Facebook

Antoine is a 21 year old young woman from Saskatchewan. She plead guilty to the manslaughter of her friend, Brittney Gargol.

In 2015, the body of Brittney was discovered near a landfill, on a street in Saskatoon.

After nearly two years of investigating the death of the young girl, a Facebook selfie led them to the key that would unlock the entire case.

At the time of her death, Gargol was just 18 years old.

The selfie was posted mere hours before the girl’s demise, and proved to be the answer that law enforcement had looked for for so long.

A belt was found near Brittney’s body at the scene, and it just so happened to be the same belt Antoine was wearing in the selfie.

Robin Ritter, a prosecutor on the case, praised the officers for the amazing way they made the connection to the photo on Facebook. She called it quite remarkable.

At first, Cheyanne was able to elude the police by being misleading. She was first charged with murder in the second degree.

The night of the killing, she made a Facebook post asking about Brittney’s whereabouts. She told the law that Brittney had left with a man she met in one of the bars they had visited during their night of bar hopping.

Eventually, as it always does, the truth became known when another friend told law enforcement that Antoine showed up at her house, drunk, the night it happened and confessed to it.

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Cheyanne finally admitted it. She said that they had been out at the bars and gotten into a drunken argument.

Image Source: Saskatoon Police Service

She claims to not remember the actual killing.

In court, Antoine’s lawyer said his client was very sorry and would never forgive herself. She said nothing could bring Brittney back and that it shouldn’t have happened.

Jennifer Gargol, Brittney’s aunt, made a loving tribute to her niece during court, talking about how the girl had a gift.

Image Source: Facebook / Cheyanne Antoine

She went on to say that she and the rest of the family were constantly thinking about how the girl suffered, fighting to keep her friend from killing her. She told Cheyanne that she had deprived the world of a special girl.

This case proves that technology is indeed a valuable asset, and that it will be used more and more to solve cases like this all over the world.

I am willing to bet that this isn’t an isolated incident. Police are always having to find new and innovative ways to solve crimes.

It’s always a good thing when justice can be handed down. Brittney’s family has a bit of closure, and the killer will serve time for her crime.

She almost got away with it. She was taken down by an innocent selfie. How clever.

Written by Amanda Johnson

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