Did You Know That A Barbie-Obsessed Woman Uses Hypnotherapy To Make Herself…


Blondie Bennett has been a huge fan of the Barbie doll her whole life. As soon as she turned 18 Blondie, who has legally changed her name, bleached her hair and started taking promotional jobs at toy stores pretending to be a real live Barbie. She has spent more than $40,000 for multiple plastic surgeries, lip fillers, Botox and spray tans. However, the 38-year-old Californian former model didn’t feel that all that was enough to become a real Barbie.

Image Source: YOUTUBE
Image Source: YOUTUBE

Recently, Blondie started having hypnotherapy sessions which actually aim to decrease her IQ thus turning her into a brainless doll. The Barbie wannabe is currently having two to three sessions per week and already says she is feeling “ditzy and confused all the time’. Blondie also explained she doesn’t want to be human as “human is boring and she prefers to be completely plastic”. When people ask her why does she so desperately want to turn herself into Barbie, Blondie explains that the famous doll has the best life : all she does is go shopping, make herself pretty and never worry about a thing. 


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