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12 Of The Most Baffling Cases Of Famous People Disappearing Without A Trace

10. Sean Flynn

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Errol Flynn and Lili Damita’s son Sean Flynn is the next missing celebrity on this list.

He tried his hand at acting, like his father, but was unfulfilled by the job. He then began a career that he loved, as a war photographer. He grew to become quite well known for his work documenting the horror of the Vietnam War.

He was known to put himself in grave danger in order to capture the best shots, which is probably what led to his apparent demise.

He and journalist Dana Stone went into Cambodia and were never heard from after that. It is widely believed that the pair of photojournalists were the victims of capture by the Viet Cong. Nobody knows for certain, however, and they were both declared dead in 1984.

11. Jimmy Hoffa

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Perhaps one of the most famous missing persons cases of all time is that of Jimmy Hoffa.

He was the president of the Teamsters union and so corrupt that he was eventually imprisoned for his crimes.

In 1971, he was released on a pardon from President Nixon.

July 30, 1975 was the last time anyone ever saw him. He was in a parking lot outside of a restaurant the last time he was seen. His car was discovered there later, but no sign of the man could be found.

It’s pretty commonly held that he was murdered by members of the mob, but no proof of this exists.

His body has never turned up and he was officially declared dead in 1982.

To this day, there are still wild stories and reports of people claiming to know where his body is.

12. Frank Morris

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Frank Morris was one of three men who were the only ones ever successful in breaking out of famed prison, Alcatraz.

His fame is the result of this feat, even thought he’s not been heard of again, since then.

He grew up in foster care, and became a criminal at a young age. He was also a genius, testing in the top two percent on tests measuring his intelligence quotient.

It was thought that Alcatraz was inescapable, but these men proved that thinking wrong on that night in June 1962. Morris is thought to have been the leader in the elaborate escape plan.

It was unknown if he was dead or alive after leaving Alcatraz island. He very well could have drowned in San Francisco Bay.

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