12 Pets Who Immediately Knew They Could Not Trust Their Humans

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Everyone who has a pet will agree that the bond between a human and a domestic animal can be really strong and they can easily understand each other without having the ability to verbally communicate. The love and affection is more than enough in terms of understanding. However, this goes not only for the good times, but for other moments, as well, like taking your furry friend to the vet’s office – this could only be considered as betrayal by your pet.
Check out these images and see how pets react when their trust in humans is seriously shaken.

1. The sinister look in the corgi’s eyes

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This pup knows that he was well played by the humans, and this is why he decided to give them the ‘evil look’ treatment. He may be cooking up a revenge, who knows.

2. Everyone’s afraid of the doctor

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Hiding under the chair would probably not help much, but this Labrador girl decided to give it a try anyway. Imagine being this scared of the doctor – it would be the least pleasant experience.

3. This cat made a breakthrough quite literally

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We guess that if the humans put the cat inside a box, there should have been at least some treats in there, but since the cat was not willing to stay inside and there were no treats to eat, the only logical solution was to break out. Judging from the photos it was a success.

4. The message is clear here

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Nobody likes being trapped inside a cage, and this feline is no exception. At least the kitty obviously has no intention to hide any emotions and the facial expression sends a clear message to the human. Revenge will be served cold.

5. Here’s one confused cat


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It appears that the cat is struggling with a couple of things and finds it to decide what to do. On one hand, being used as a living Kindle holder is kind of offensive, but on the other hand it probably feels warm and makes you want to cuddle more.

6. Have you ever been this terrified?

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This pooch probably recalls the last visit to the vet, and it was probably a scary experience. Just looking at these huge eyes is enough to tell that the doggie is not going to get inside without some persuasion.

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7. The look you throw on someone then you know they are taking you somewhere you don’t want to be

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Well, that look probably says it all. This dog definitely knows what’s going on, and there is no trick in the world that could reduce the level of betrayal that the canine feels.

8. It is all a matter of perspective

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These pups are adorable, but you could easily tell that they have the complete opposite reactions to being betrayed. While one seems the accept things and just smile about it, the other is clearly frustrated and will not just agree with the humans’ decisions.

9. Somebody give this kitten a hug

Image Source: Imgur

This poor feline is scared beyond words and seems too unwilling to go out of the cage. It seems that going to the vet’s office is one the biggest fears that animals have, and in most cases humans need to be inventive and have the right approach to their pets in order to work things out.

10. The trust issue may just be the least of the worries here

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It seems that this cat hasn’t got much of a trust issue, but the eyes still speak of some reluctance about going to the vet. However, something about this reaction tells us that the kitty is just trying to hold it together and be strong.

11. Someone got played

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This gentle giant was surely not aware where the humans were taking him, but it seems he just realized the dark truth. His face simply says ‘I am definitely not going in there’.

12. The feeling of utter disappointment is just the worst thing

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Nobody would like to see their pet friend feeling disappointed, but it seems inevitable sometimes. This is the perfect example of a sad pup that obviously feels let down by the humans that were supposed to show love and affection instead of betraying him. We guess that’s just how things go in some cases.

Written by Nick Martin

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