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12 People That Must Be Kidding Us

Image Source: Instagram

There is fine border line on everything you do, and crossing it would mean that your actions would likely be accepted as inappropriate, vile or simply wrong.

However, it seems that some folks’ line is pushed way ahead of where it is supposed to be, and the end result can be seen on the photos below. Things have been pushed too far and you get the feeling that someone is testing your patience.

1. You can see the disaster coming

Image Source: Reddit

There is no logical explanation to this man’s actions. It is clear that his vehicles it three times smaller than the huge piece of lumber he’s desperately trying to fit in some way. Even if he was able to fasten it somehow, driving it home would be a nightmare, not to mention dangerous to others.

2. The party mix from your nightmares

Image Source: Reddit

This is the candy-style Russian roulette from your worst dreams! How could anyone think of such cruel thing to do? It seems that this party bowl of candy will be a huge test to everyone’s patience, because you’d have to pick up one piece at a time in order to enjoy the taste.

3. Patriotism done wrong

Image Source: Reddit

When you ask for the definition of a ‘bad idea’, this photo would be suitable enough to describe it. Does this attempt of patriotism seem appropriate to you? Because we like to put sunscreen on and we’re afraid that such actions may be described as supporting the communists.

4. Mowing the lawn is so boring

Image Source: Reddit

Why mow the lawn when you can vacuum it instead? The only concern we have is whether this is effective in some way, and if it is, how long does the effect last? Whatever the end result, we guess that vacuuming the lawn is a meaningless task.

5. Here is how you can prove that you are a terrible person

Image Source: Reddit

Just take notes from this guy. The nerve he has to make this mess on the subway is annoying, to say the least, and he needs to be thought a lesson. This is beyond any social norms of appropriate behavior and there should be a penalty for such actions.

6. This drives us crazy

Image Source: Reddit

People who have the terrible habit of cutting cakes, pies, pizza or any other type of food from the inside out should be ashamed of themselves. It is so wrong that it shouldn’t exist, but it does’ a lot of folks do it and they feel no remorse at all.

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7. You are joking, right?

Image Source: Reddit

This photo must have been taken for some sort of a prank or a joke; otherwise it is beyond us why someone would do this. Does this person plan to reuse all this gum? If this is the case, it’s gross and totally unnecessary, since gum is fairly cheap.

8. There is only one wrong way to eat a taco, and this is it

Image Source: Reddit

Food is sacred, and you must always treat it good and with respect. The person who did this to a perfect taco needs to reconsider their actions, because this is unacceptable. It is just as annoying as cutting a cake from the inside out, like one of the upper photos shows.

9. Public bathrooms are ruined by stuff like this

Image Source: Reddit

Nobody likes visiting public restrooms, but there is a special kind of people that seem to like to make matters even worse by damaging these places and making them even filthier. We always fail to understand what makes these folks do the things they do.

10. Collecting toilet paper roll tubes is a strange hobby

Image Source: Reddit

This is either the strangest hobby ever or this person is simply too lazy to pick the old toilet paper tubes. Whatever the case is, we find this quite inappropriate, because trashing your own home this way is a sign of negligence that we hate seeing in anyone.

11. Now this is story you can tell your grandkids, too

Image Source: Instagram

Imagine how this kid felt when the father pulled out these photos! The fact that a regular person dated Beyoncé once is almost impossible to believe from today’s point of view, but she was a regular person back then, too.

12. Parking is obviously a hard task for some individuals

Image Source: Reddit

Wow, the nerve some people have is unbelievable! This vehicle is parked in so many wrong ways! Not only that the owner left it on a non-parking area, but it also blocks vehicles that parked the right way.


Written by Nick Martin

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