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13 Photos That Will Definitely Make You Smile

Image Source: YOUTUBE

Inspiration and motivation are recommended on a daily basis, because they often do not last longer. We all love to see how people get along together and help each other in all kinds of situations. Humanity needs more positive vibes to function properly as a society, and since there is already a lot of negativity around, it is a good idea to focus on the positive side of things. This is the reason we gathered this list images that show the good that flow everywhere around us and are guaranteed to make you smile.

1. The hero surgeon Dr. Khurshid Guru

Image Source: Reddit

This kind man is a real hero! He happened to be on a flight where a kid suffered an asthma attack. Dr. Guru managed to create a working nebulizer from items he found on the plane, and this was a piece of cake for him, because he performs robot-assisted surgery for a living.

2. Gordon Ramsey has a sweet side

Image Source: Reddit

It sounds unbelievable, but you can see for yourself. We guess that his typical grumpy self is not who he is all the time. Being nice when you are usually mean seems exceptionally sweet and we need to see more of this.

3. There are other pets except cats and dogs

Image Source: Reddit

Kindness to animals is a sure sign that a person is nice. What you see here is beyond kind – showing empathy and helping when you cannot get anything in return is the best thing to do. It takes courage and a big heart, and it is worth it every time.

4. Giving your best despite the circumstances

Image Source: Reddit

This African teacher became famous for his enormous efforts to teach his students computer skills without an actual computer on his disposal. His actions were noticed by a lot of people and he eventually received equipment as a donation, which is the best end to such a story.

5. Fulfilling someone else’s dream is amazing

Image Source: Reddit

Just look at that little girl’s smile! The toddler really wanted to be a mermaid, and her babysitter delivered! The moment was surely priceless for the little beauty, and her reaction says more than a thousand words.

6. Little things matter the most

Image Source: Reddit

This senior woman had trouble with packing her groceries, so this man stopped by her and helped her bag the produce. What seems as a small act of kindness is sometimes a very big deal to the other person, and we need to help other in any moment we can.

7. Lithuanian cops are real gentlemen

Image Source: Reddit

The police in Lithuania has the sweetest tradition – they pull over women on International Women’s Day to give each of them a flower and congratulate them. It takes little effort to brighten someone’s day and bring the best possible mood.

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8. The miracle of life

Image Source: Reddit

This cute hedgehog family brings a lot of positive energy and even more smiles! The cute little ones look so peaceful under their mom’s care. She seems really proud with her offspring and shows us that mother’s love is one of the most beautiful things ever.

9. Here is how you solve a few problems with one action

Image Source: Reddit

This needs to be implemented everywhere! The cool idea behind this campaign surely contributes to bringing up the best in every individual. Instead of becoming a thief, a person could still get help and preserve their dignity in the same time, which is wonderful.

10. Kindness goes a long way

Image Source: Reddit

We were extremely touched by this man’s gesture! The struggle this young mom had to raise her child and receive an education in the same time was clear enough for her professor, so when this happened, he immediately took action, which was probably the best lesson he had to teach that day.

11. Not all rich people are jerks

Image Source: Reddit

This incredible story can really brighten up your day! It sounds like something out of a movie, but it is true. And when you take a look at all those smiling faces on the picture, you begin to relate with the kind person named Mike.

12. Confidence is related to happiness

Image Source: Reddit

As you can see by her smile on the right picture, this girl surely regained her confidence by shedding half of her bodyweight. We need such examples, because they are the best proof that nothing is impossible and also that everyone could change for the better.

13. Jonas Salk is a hero

Image Source: Reddit

Unlike the modern medical industry, this man decided that he would not patent the polio vaccine he invented more than 60 years ago. This fact is admirable and currently very few people suffer from polio. Salk’s example should be followed by everyone!

Written by Nick Martin

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