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14 Amazing Animal Facts That Will Really Impress You

Image Source: Instagram

Just when you think that you have seen it all, a list like this appears to blow your mind and make you feel better about being a part of this world. When the new things you learn are related to animals, things become even better. We have said it before and we will say it again – animals are too pure for this world and we are lucky to share it with them. We need to do our best to protect them, but due to ignorance we have managed to wipe out many species. This needs to stop and we believe that we will be able to turn things around before it is too late. Enjoy the following list which will definitely boost your mood.

1. Apes can do the same job as a human in certain cases

Image Source: Wikipedia

We were really impressed with this photo when we saw it. The reason is not only that it is a historical piece that captured an interesting moment. The intriguing part of it was the character on the left. This is Jack the Baboon. The clever ape was assigned to work as a signal man after the person who worked on the post lost both his legs. You can see him on the left. South Africa was probably short of people to train for the job at the time because the man bought Jack and trained him to work as a signal man. Jack learned everything needed and worked on that position for nine years without allowing a single mistake. This is an incredible story.

2. This dog also has a job and it is much more official

Image Souce: Instagram

Speaking of animals with an official job, we just had to show you Duke. He is a Great Pyrenees Dog and he is also an extremely beautiful animal. Duke has something special to brag about. He was actually elected as the mayor of a small town in Minnesota called Cormorant. The election was legit and Duke won with 20 votes in his favor. He was first elected in 2014 and he is still on that position.

3. Here is a pet like no other

Image Source: Instagram

If you love mini pigs and dream of having one, you should know that they actually exist in real life! They are not fictional movie characters! Just take a look at the cute little guy in the photo above! This image will cause a major cuteness overload! We cannot believe how adorable the tiny pig is! These pigs exist due to special programs for selective breeding.

4. Sloths are amazing and we love them

Image Source: Imgur

Most of you have probably seen a sloth before but we believe that not many people are actually familiar with details about these fascinating animals. There is a reason why they are featured as animated characters! What you probably did not know before is that the sloth fur is actually a tiny ecosystem! There are ‘sloth moths’ that inhabit the sloth fur and they constantly live there! The sloths produce algae on which the moths feed! This is a mind-blowing fact!

5. These are not domestic parrots

Image Source: Wikipedia Commons

We know what you are thinking. This photo shows noting more than a couple of parrots. We have all seen parrots before but this is not the point here. These cute birds are not your typical parrots because they are actually part of a colony that lives in San Francisco! Yes, they are not domestic birds! This amazing fact was new to us and you can bet that next time we visit San Francisco, we will make sure to look around and search for them. It would be really intriguing to see them in person!

6. Raccoons never get tired of being real rascals

Image Source: Instagram

These cuties are among our favorite animals and we love seeing them. Of course, they are often up to no good, because it is in their nature to get in trouble. Raccoons are nicknamed ‘trash pandas’, and they can be seen around trash cans and dumpsters in a lot of urban areas. In fact, those who often spend a lot of time navigating in urban areas are proven to be smarter than their wild siblings which mean that they are extremely intelligent and also fast learners.

7. Crows have a curious secret

Image Source: Picdeer

Here are some interesting things about crows. You probably already know that these birds are extremely smart and their behavior is very interesting to study and observe. Crows actually mourn their deceased friends and family members just like we do! They also fear death which is why they avoid certain areas and even people because they fear that they might be a lethal danger to them! This is possible because crows make assumptions based on past experience.

8. Horses are unable to hurl

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Image Source: Instagram

This fact really puzzled us and we did some research just to be sure. It turned out to be true! We never thought about this, but since humans and most domestic animals can vomit, our sub-conscience probably decided that all living things can do it. We were wrong, apparently, and what’s even more interesting is the fact that there are other species that cannot do it as well. Mice are also unable to vomit, unlike their most fierce rivals, the cats.

9. This is the coelacanth and it is not extinct

Image Source: Wired

This weird name belongs to the fish you see in the photo. We started with the fact that it is not extinct because everyone believed it was! Scientists considered the species to be extinct since the dinosaur era but they were wrong! This happens sometimes and the coelacanth is not the only species that turned out to be present in modern day. The world is a vast place with too much different life forms to monitor so mistakes happen from time to time.

10. Reindeer are also unique in a certain way

Image Source: Wikiwand

There are a little less than 5,500 different mammal species currently living on Earth, which makes one really big variety. It must be difficult to be able to stand out from that crowd, but reindeer do it with ease. You see, they have one feature so unique that no other mammal on Earth has it! Apparently reindeer can see ultraviolet light! It sounds absurd but it is a proven fact! They have this feature for protection. It allows them to see different predators lurking in the dark even if they are camouflaged.

11. Elephants are excellent swimmers

Image Source: Instagram

We know that this may come in a surprise to many people, but it is correct. Elephants are excellent swimmers and their massive weight must not fool you even for a second! They can swim for miles and float with ease. The mighty animal you see in the photo was found ten miles off the coast of Sri Lanka by the navy. The current probably dragged the elephant and it had no other choice but to swim. We are glad that the story ended with a happy end!

12. Ants also hold a unique secret

Image Source: Unsplash

We guess that the list brought a lot of new information so far but it keeps getting more and more interesting. Nobody would think that ants are special because people make the mistake of considering them to be insignificant. However, studies have shown that ants possess self-awareness just like we do! This incredible discovery will surely change the way you look at ants! If you paint a dot on the body of an ant, it tries to scratch it off! This fact blew our minds! We guess that a lot of species have unique features that we never knew of.

13. There is a hybrid between two of the most dangerous bears in existence

Image Source: Psmag

If you are familiar with bears, you probably know that grizzly and polar bears are among the most dangerous kinds you can see. The curious thing that you probably didn’t know until now is that there is a crossbreed between the two kinds which is called the grolar bear. It sound like science fiction but the grolar bear exists! This is one beast you definitely don’t want to meet in the wild. Despite the fact that bears are deadly, we need to point out that they look kind of cute, too.

14. Spiders have a longer lifespan than you could imagine

Image Source: Instagram

If you suffer from arachnophobia, you might want to skip this one. Spiders are some of the most underrated creatures and there is a good reason for that. People assume that their fragile structure means that they live a short and insignificant life but that is not true. One Australian trapdoor spider liver a whopping 43 years before a wasp stung the creature and took its life. It is amazing to learn that a spider could live for more than four decades! If this doesn’t change the way you look at spiders, nothing will!

Written by Nick Martin

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