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15 Celebrity Wardrobe Malfunction Moments That Will Be Remembered

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It is always embarrassing when someone has a wardrobe malfunction but it is also kind of funny to see someone else having to deal with it. Most of us have been misfortunate enough to end up victims of our clothing without the whole world having to know about it and without our wardrobe mishaps making the headlines the next day. But imagine what it would be like to be a celebrity and for your wardrobe malfunctions to happen in front of thousands of people and hundreds of photographers. As graceful and perfect celebs are to us in most of the time, they are no strangers to those cruel moments we are all used to and their fashionable clothes fail them.

Check out these 10+ hilarious and embarrassing celebrity wardrobe mishaps that happened exactly at the wrong moment.

1. The price tag of Meghan Markle’s dress

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It appears that even if a Duchess is not immune to wardrobe malfunctions. If you do not believe us, ask Meghan Markle. She was snapped arriving in the Kingdom of Tonga with a beautiful red dress, but unfortunately her stylist forgot one important detail. The price tag of the dress was not removed and it was visible all the time during the Duchess’s visit. Of course, the press saw the opportunity and seized it, calling the whole situation “epic fashion blunder”. However, we are not here to tag shame, since we all have been there and done this.

2. Marilyn Monroe moment

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You should be prepared for everything when you wear a skirt. There is always a chance to experience a Marilyn Monroe moment and it would often happen exactly at the wrong time. Elizabeth Olsen had to experience it first hand while she attended an event in Paris. The star showed up dressed incredibly stylish and classy, until the wind decided to cause an unexpected wardrobe malfunction. Of course, all that happened while Olsen was posing for pictures and the whole situation was caught on camera. However, Elisabeth managed to handle it perfectly and was able to joke about it minutes after that.

3. Dress gone with the wind

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As we already said, skirts and wind are a dangerous combination and you should always keep that in mind. Stefanie Scott is one of the many who can agree with us. While attending Nickelodeon Kid’s Choice Awards in Los Angeles Scott suffered a wardrobe malfunction right in front of the cameras. All that thanks to a gust of wind that blew her skirt. Luckily, Stefanie showed her great sense of humor and decided to laugh it off, not letting something like this ruin the event.

4. Bella’s secret

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We have all experienced wardrobe malfunctions but we have to admit that they are a bigger nightmare if you are a model, especially if something like that happens during a runway. Ask Victoria’s Secret model Bella Hadid, who flashed more than she actually meant during a show in Shanghai. While walking down the catwalk wearing pale blue lingerie, Bella raised her hands and accidently exposed herself. Thankfully, Hadid did not let the wardrobe mishap bother her at all and she continued smiling throughout the entire show.

5. The show must go on

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Rapper Nicki Minaj is another singer who went through a major wardrobe malfunction during a live performance. While dancing and jumping up and down on the stage, Nicki accidently revealed her breast to the audience without even noticing it when one of her straps fell off. But even during something like that Nicki Minaj would not be Nicki Minaj if she did not handle it well. She managed to quickly fix her strap and recovered like the pro she really is. Without missing a beat she continued with the show and didn’t let her wardrobe mishap ruin her performance.

6. Ariana Grande did it as well

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Ariana experienced a similar malfunction during one of her concerts as well. While singing and dancing on the stage, the clap of her top came undone. There was a really big chance for it to fall and to reveal Adriana’s breasts, but luckily for her that did not happen. Grande tried to hold it closed, nearly succeeding to do so and she finished her performance in the best possible way.

7. ‘I might have just fallen apart’

Image Source: People

The English actress Rosamund Pike was a guest on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Felon, when suddenly a wardrobe malfunction happened. During her appearance the 39-year-old star clearly believed that her dress ripped at the back and she told the host “I might have just fallen apart”. Fortunately, Jimmy’s brilliant sense of humor kicked in and he replied that it is alright, because he himself is not wearing any pants tonight.

Just for the record, Pike is not the only celeb who underwent a wardrobe malfunction during a talk show

Image Source: YouTube

Jennifer Hudson had to deal with the zip of her skirt on the Chelsea Lately Show. All of a sudden the zipper tore open and the whole situation was really embarrassing for the singer, even though Chelsea wasted no time in rushing to rescue her.

8. Mariah Carey on Good Morning America

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Mariah’s pink dress unexpectedly popped open on the “Good Morning America” outdoor stage in New York. As the singer chatted with the host about Carey’s sparkling dress made by Donatella Versace, the back of the dress completely split. Mariah’s assistant rushed to help her with the wardrobe malfunction, while the host held the right strap up before cutting to commercials.

9. Tyler Swift is no stranger to wardrobe mishaps either

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An observant fan called out Tyler Swift on Instagram for what seemed to be a hair tie stuck in her nylons. Later Swift confirmed that indeed that is a hair tie and has no explanation how exactly the tie managed to get there. This is really hilarious situation to be in, but the singer handled it like a pro and soon the whole thing was forgotten.

10. Jennifer Lawrence

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Even a red carpet stunner like the Red Sparrow star Jennifer Lawrence can’t escape from wardrobe mishap. At the premiere of the Red Sparrow movie in New York, Lawrence showed up dressed in a beautiful black dress which revealed more than the cameras expected to see. Thankfully, the striped components on her gown distracted the fashion mishap and made it barely visible whatsoever.

11. Sophie Marceau had no luck in Cannes

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The French actress is absolutely no stranger to wardrobe malfunctions during at the Cannes Film Festival. Back in 2005 Sophie stunned the crowd with her elegant look, dressed in beautiful white dress with straps. But only moments after that, one strap fell off and exposed to the public her breasts. In 2015 Marceau suffered another embarrassing wardrobe mishap at the Cannes Film Festival. That time she accidently flashed her underwear in front of the cameras. It is safe to say that Cannes has not been kind to Sophie at all.

12. Dakota Johnson is excellent at wardrobe malfunctions

Image Source: Vistazo

While accepting her award for Favorite Dramatic Actress on People’s Choice Awards, Dakota suffered an even more dramatic wardrobe mishap. Her dressed ripped at the back as she hugged Leslie Mann, but 50 Shades of Gray star was swift to laugh it off, saying that Leslie broke her dress and that there is hardly anyone here that has not already seen her naked. Well done, Dakota. Well done.

13. Cardi B can’t be bothered with it

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Rapper Cardi B is the real pro when it comes to handling wardrobe malfunctions. During the 2017 MTV Video Music Awards she performed as a part of the pre-show and was also a presenter. Just when she was giving a shout-out to embattled NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick, the cup of her pink dress overflowed a lot. Thanks to that the whole crowd managed to see it. Without allowing that to bother her, the singer used her hand to cover it up and continued talking as if nothing happened. Well, she does have some experience though:

Image Source: Imgur

During a performance at Calibash, moments before getting on stage Cardi realized that her dress reveals too much. Instead of wasting time to change dresses she got on stage and performed while covering her crotch area with her hand the entire time.

14. Hold my strap for me

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There is never a right time to experience a wardrobe mishap, but there is a worst one. And that is while you are on a stage, giving a speech and all eyes are on you. Katherine Heigl will definitely remember the night at ShoWest in Las Vegas and it will not be because of the Female Star Of The Year award she received that night, or maybe not entirely because of it. While accepting her award, the actress suffered an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction as the strap of her red dress broke. However, Billy Bush was there to help Katherine finish her speech, as he was holding her strap up.

15. Chrissy Teigen and her multiple wardrobe malfunctions drama

Image Source: Instagram

Chrissy Teigen apparently is not only the Queen of clapbacks, but the Queen of wardrobe mishaps as well. The mother of two took to Instagram to explain what she called “wardrobe malfunction of the highest caliber”, where somehow the slit of her dress ripped up 5 inches higher. This, however, is not the only time Chrissy had to deal with something like that.

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At the American Music Awards Teigen showed up in a very revealing black dress, thanks to which the photographers had the opportunity to capture more than they expected.

Image Source: YouTube

One time, during her husband’s performance Chrissy decided to join him on stage. While dancing with each other in front of the crowd, another wardrobe malfunction managed to happen and fans got the golden chance to see Teigen’s breasts. Even though her husband John Legend was pretty quick in helping her cover herself, the damage was already done.

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