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15 New Character Additions Who Actually Ruined A Successful Show

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When you have a favorite show you would probably dislike even the slightest changes that are made to it. Things get really tough when it comes to accepting new characters. There is almost always that one new addition that just makes you cringe or scream “Go away!” at the TV.

The following list consists of 15 regrettable characters that probably were not meant to get on your nerves or ruin your favorite show, but unfortunately they did exactly that. Whether they were meant to be the fresh character that will switch things up, but ended as annoying or dull or got in the way of the main characters, it does not matter. In the end the result is almost always the same.

1. Chloe, “Fairly OddParents”

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The Fairly OddParents is an American animated television series and it was a huge success before the character Chloe was introduced. Many of the fans have shared the opinion that Chloe does not fit the concept of the show and her character is just too annoying. In fact, Chloe did not add anything interesting to the series and did not interact properly with the other characters in the show. Quite the opposite, actually – Chloe’s character took the focus off not only of Timmy, but of the other main characters as well. Another reason for the fans to despise her was also her bad behavior towards Timmy that was making his life even more miserable.

2. “8 simple rules” and C.J.

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The “8 simple rules” sitcom was a favorite family comedy to many people for a long time. The situations in the series were relatable to both parents and teenagers and at a certain point it was a really “laugh-out-loud” funny show and in fact it was the best comedy ABC had aired in years.

Unfortunately, a lot of that changed and the ratings went downhill once when David Spade stepped in as C.J. For some, after his character joined in, the show was just not the same anymore. No matter how hard they tried, the fans just could not see him as comical as the writers tried to make him and C.J was never really accepted by the viewers. Some of them even claimed that Spade’s character was the one who actually ruined the show and soon after that the series got canceled.

3. “Grey’s Anatomy” and Nathan Riggs

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Probably one of the most iconic couples in Grey’s Anatomy was Meredith and Derek. The chemistry between them was undeniable and they were a favorite couple for almost every fan of the series.

However, soon after Shepherd exited Gray’s Anatomy, the production team came up with another storyline for Meredith, without giving the fans a time to adjust. Her romance with Nathan was not exactly something out of the blue, but it was definitely something that could wait a bit longer. The viewers were still grieving over Derek and were just not ready to accept a new romance so quickly. Given the fact the Meredith’s new love interest was not welcomed the way it was expected, the storyline ended and Riggs left the show as well.

4. The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and Aunt Vivian

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Everything was going really well for the successful TV series “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” until the start of the fourth season. Once it was known that Aunt Vivian was about to be played by Daphne Maxwell Reid, the show was not the same anymore. Unfortunately, Daphne could not exactly fit into Aunt Viv’s character the way Janet Hubert-Whitten successfully did. The fans were really disappointed with the lack of personality in Reid and the fact she was doggone boring. All of that reflected on Aunt Vivian’s character and quite frankly, the fans did not accept Daphne to the end of the show.

5. The Simpsons and Poochie and Roy

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Poochie was not able to win the fans on his side and the reasons for that are numerous. Long story short, viewers found Poochie to be completely against the spirit of The Simpsons. In their opinion what he represented was a horrible parody of what kids were into back in those days. Roy was not well accepted as well, and no matter how hard the writers tried to picture him as a “cool” guy the fans did not find him to be cool at all. Luckily, both characters were short lived and everything was back to normal.

6. “The Office” and the new manager

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It is no secret that Michael Scott’s character was somewhat ridiculous, loud and rather unlikable. And we are not talking just about his co-workers, but also for us – the fans. The thing is that all these traits of his were the actual reason why we loved him – we enjoyed disliking him in every episode, season after season. After Scott left it was really difficult to adjust to the new managers and the viewers could not really accept any of them. There was always something missing in their acting and not even one of them could top Michael Scott.

7. The new characters in Glee

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The show itself definitely had a lot of potential in it, but somewhere along the way things went bad. Glee had a really rocky start and it went through a lot of changes that rather hurt the show than actually helped it, but the last characters that were brought kind of ruined everything. According to a lot of fans, the best version of the show was the one presented in the pilot and there were too much things in the final season that were just not right.

8. The Gilmore Girls and April Nardini

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Fun fact: even Vanessa Marano who played April Nardini did not like April Nardini. And why would she? For many, “Gilmore girls” is the greatest show on the planet and when it was known that it is coming back to the TV screen, the fans shed a lot of happy tears. But if only they knew… April Nardini’s character is probably one of the most hated TV characters ever. Fans considered her unnecessary for the show and the fact that she was able to delay Luke and Lorelai’s wedding was absolutely unforgivable. Nardini never really added anything that was worth it for the show and she basically used up a lot of precious screen time that could have been put to a better use. But nope.

9. The Gilmore Girls and Liz Danes

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Another disliked character from Gilmore Girls is Liz Danes. Luke’s sister managed to lose the fans of the show with her fail at parenting and not being the best daughter or sister as well. When she was first introduced to the show she was shown as an irresponsible mother who has given up on raising her son and then decided to hand him over to his brother Luke. Along with other negative traits that Liz Danes’ character has it was hard for fans to find a single thing to actually like about her. Despite the efforts of the writers Liz is still not the character that viewers consider to be of much value to the show.

10. The Big Bang Theory and Priya

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The Big Bang Theory has gone through a lot of changes during the show’s long run and some of them reflected rather badly on it. When Priya was added to the series, the expectations of the fans for her were really different than what the reality was about to be. Priya could not fit in the dynamic of the show and the personality of her character was something between boring and annoying. The viewers could not see the point of her relationship with Leonard and along with a lot of other things that did not make sense, therefore it was decided for her to stay for only two seasons. Thank god.

11. Puppy power

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At some point, when Scooby Doo’s ratings started going down, the writers came up with what they thought was a “new” and “fresh” idea to make things better. The original idea of Scrappy Doo could have been a great way to help ratings go up, but fans were not having it. The catchphrase was another thing that was driving the fans crazy and it we do not mean that in a good way. Another reason why Scrappy was not really appealing was the actor who voiced it. Seriously, we can’t think of more annoying voice!

12. Two and a Half Men and Walden Schmidt

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This was a total disaster. Let’s start with the fact that Two and a half men was one of the most popular comedy series, but it was also really despised by culture critics. After 12 seasons the show finally ended, leaving us with a bitter-sweet feeling. The most iconic character of the show was the one and only Uncle Charlie, played by Charlie Sheen, who basically was the main reason for the viewers to watch the show. When Sheen left it was Kutcher who was thrown to save the series, but unfortunately Ashton did not have the vibe to match the dynamic and bring the personality that was needed for a successful show. What followed from that were a number of changes that in fact made things even worse and Two and a half men lost its sparkle for good. After 262 episodes and numerous ridiculous changes the show finally ended.

13. O.C and Taylor Townsend

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Although Autumn Reeser did a really job at playing Taylor, we can’t deny that this character was probably one of the most annoying in the O.C. Her relationship with Ryan was definitely not an option for the fans and she was often blamed for the show’s decline. The viewers could not accept Townsend as a replacement for Marissa and that was another thing that was not in Taylor’s favor.

14. “Friends” and Janine

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We were all big fans of Joey’s short-lived dates, but Janine… Janine was something else. Before falling for Rachel, Janine was probably Joey’s biggest crush and we really thought that one of the main characters in Friends would finally have a permanent girlfriend. But nope. Janine’s character was kind of obnoxious and rude. The way she was treating Chandler and Monica, the way she was trying to manipulate Joey and make him choose between her and his friends was the reason the fans could not really stand her. We all tried to like her, but at some point we just gave up. Apparently, the production team did as well and, thank God, that romance finally ended.

15. “The Office” and Nellie

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It is hard to name a more hated character featured in season 8 (or in all of the seasons, to be honest) than Nellie. The viewers were done with her before she has even started showing herself. The new manager of the office Nellie tried to be as ridiculous and obnoxious as Michael Scott was, but could not make the fans to love to hate her. They just hated her. Period. There was really nothing that made sense about her character and that was what forced the production team to try and change her for the better in season 9, but the damage was already done.

Written by Nick Martin

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