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15 Photos That Will Make You LOL All Day

Image Source: Reddit

You don’t need a particular reason to have a few laughs! Amusing yourself is one of the things you should do all the time, regardless of where you are or what you do.

This is the best possible break you can have, and the best part is that you can repeat it as many times as you can. All you need to do is spend a few minutes online and you are guaranteed to find something funny! In order to make things easier for you, we compiled another list of funny images! They are guaranteed to make you laugh! What better way to boost your mood?

1. Some people have a weird way of doing things

Image Source: Reddit

We are all aware of the anxiety when awaiting a package to be delivered! It is the kind of anticipation that we just cannot help but feel! However, the whole experience can easily be ruined if there is something wrong about the order. No matter if the seller messed up or the delivery company made a mistake, the disappointment would always be on the buyer’s account. When you see how this courier tried to hide someone’s package, you can understand why a lot of packages are considered to be ‘lost’.

2. This is how determination looks like

Image Source: Reddit

There is a first time for everything in life! Nobody was born with a certain skillset or knowledge, and we learn our whole lives. However, sometimes people seem to be a bit too late with their first time of doing a certain thing. We guess that cutting onions is something that everyone has done even as a kid. It seems that this woman did not have the chance to do it until she turned 27. She was probably concerned by the side effect and all the crying, so she took some precaution and we cannot stop laughing!

3. Here is how a guilty dog looks like

Image Source: Reddit

Dogs love to play, but sometimes playtime for them gets out of hand when the humans are not around. As you can see, this canine had some really fun time! We bet that it would have been really cool to watch all that destruction, but nobody was there to witness it. When it was all over, the dog realized that things went too far. As you can see, the canine’s face has the word ‘regret’ written all over it.

4. This is the funniest bike lane ever

Image Source: Dump a Day

As you can see in the photo, some jokesters really outdid themselves with this one! They were able to paint this on a regular road, trying to imitate a bike lane. However, it is the shape of the painted markings that are important here! Imagine that someone actually saw this while riding their bike. In such case it would probably serve as a warning. No biker would like to experience such a thing, of course.

5. This is how you look like when you are divided between work and pleasure

Image Source: Reddit

We realize that personal style is something very important, and most people have developed their own. It doesn’t mean that you have to follow a certain fashion trend or something else. In fact, not following a trend is probably even better, because your style is likely to be a lot more distinctive! However, it is not always a good thing, either! As you can see here, this man was able to combine the impossible, and it is absolutely hilarious! He looks extremely confident despite his outfit!

6. Here is a familiar scene

Image Source: Reddit

Whenever we see such a scene, we immediately switch our Christmas mood on, despite the fact that it is still summer! However, after you take a second or even a third look, you will realize that it is a bit different from the traditional setup. Some prankster was able to sneak one extremely unusual character among the typical ones! The puzzling fact is that the character blends extremely well!

7. Here is one clever metaphor

Image Source: Reddit

In today’s world a lot of the traditional things we were used to before have changed and they will never be the same. One of them is definitely dating! The in internet and the social media platforms contributed to that, as well as our busy work schedules. This resulted in a whole generation that pictures dating as a completely different process than we knew it back in the 90s, for example. This person probably tried to draw some attention to this problem and he did it in a funny way.

8. Some people have a different approach in everything they do

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Image Source: Dump a Day

The summer sun can be really harmful in a number of ways. One of the things that need protection from the burning rays is the vehicle interior. Putting a shade on the windscreen protects the dashboard and reflects the UV rays out of the passenger compartment. This reduces wear and allows the temperature to be lower. As you can see here, someone wanted to protect their car, but obviously missed the tutorial on how to properly install the shade.

9. Accidental design fails are the best

Image Source: Twitter

This is one very curious package design! It definitely sparks some questions, and we guess you can see why! When you notice that this is ‘nutt milk’, and you carefully study the package design, you will be as shocked as we were when we saw it! The main question here would regard the intentions of the designer. Did he do it on purpose, or it was actually accidental? Even if the design was created unintentionally, how could anyone approve it after that? We would never know.

10. This is the best user manual ever created

Image Source: Reddit

Every gadget you buy comes with a boring user manual to read. Chances are that you never actually open it! We need to admit that we also never do it! However, this may be a problem sometimes, and it is best to actually check out the manual. This remote control is probably used mostly by an elderly person or a kid, so it had to be tweaked just a bit. The work that someone done on it might not have a pretty result, but it does not matter! The important thing is that it is a functional upgrade and no mistakes will be made while operating with the remote.

11. Sleeping positions may vary

Image Source: Reddit

A lot of people love to sleep in the most unusual ways. It is scientifically proven that the best body posture during sleeping is with a straight back and arms alongside the body. However, it seems that some people could not fall asleep unless they are in a certain position. That position can be more than funny sometimes! As you can see, this kid is in deep sleep, despite his strange sleeping position!

12. Some dogs can do more than just obey commands

Image Source: Dump a Day

All dogs are smart, but some canines can really amaze you with their attitude and the things they are able to learn. German shepherds are probably among the smartest dog breeds in the world. These beautiful creatures are used for a number of jobs because of their intelligence. As you can see, they are smart enough to chill like a person, too! This dog knows how to sit in a relaxing pose, and it is so funny to see it!

13. Photos can be funny in an unexpected ways

Image Source: Reddit

We have all seen more than enough examples of photo bombing! A lot of photos were ruined by clever and cheeky practical jokesters who were able to interfere in the perfect moment! Of course, it is always better when the photo bomb was done unintentionally! This is exactly what happened here! The detail that makes the photo hilarious is not noticeable at first. When you take a second look, you will see it and you will cringe!

14. Pranking a friend for their birthday is a classic move

Image Source: Reddit

Some people are probably not aware of this trend, but pranking someone for their birthday is actually something like a trend. As you can see, someone took their time to turn this car into a shopping cart replica, and we love it! It looks so cute, and it definitely took a lot of effort. We hope that the owner of this Smart car had a sense of humor and laughed as much as the culprit did!

15. This sign almost had us rolling on the floor

Image Source: Dump a Day

We reacted to this one with a bang! The funny sign was all we needed to laugh until tears started running down! Of course, it was put there for a reason. Some people are really picky and this store’s management was probably fed up with it. They decided to put the witty sign and we guess that the customers stopped squeezing the fruits! We always appreciate this kind of dealing with customers and we think that it is always the right approach.

Written by Nick Martin

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