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15 Situations That You Don’t Want To Find Yourself In

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Some people get involved in a lot of funny situations. They often blame fate or random circumstances. We will not spend time to search what the reason for that might be. We prefer to just sit back and enjoy the amusing results of those situations. Ridiculous things can always occur! What follows after that might make you feel less embarrassed next time you find yourself in these types of situations. Knowing it happens to others makes it easier to just have fun without feeling guilty or embarrassed. Keep in mind it is absolutely fine to be amused by the images below without having a guilty conscience just because these things never happened to you but to other people instead.

1. Here is a good opportunity to just ignore the mathematics

Image Source: Reddit

Okay, if you really think about it, spending more money on education compared to the amount you actually earn afterwards is not as bad as it sounds at first. Surely you will not get the best feeling in the world when you do the math, but hey, it could be much worse if you did not study at all. We believe that the 40k job is just a stage and this figure will go much higher in time. Lots of people happen to be in this situation and they are certainly not thrilled about it. Look at the bright side because the best is yet to come.

2. This is just another ‘Expectation vs. Reality’ moment

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In this situation someone probably saw the fancy advertisement of a hotel and booked it. In reality this is the “amazing relax-by-the-pool area” which turns out to be just a small hole full of mud and leaves. In addition, there is also just one sun-bed and a wooden bench, which most probably is there so you can wait for your turn if the sun-bed is occupied. It is surely not the best way to spend your vacation by complaining to the manager, but after all sometimes it is necessary to do so.

3. That one time when getting it done cheaper was not the best idea

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This lady clearly did not get what she wanted, but she probably got the quality she actually paid for. It is really disappointing to get such a tattoo, so it is always better to spend more on this, rather than use the moment to save up for something else. The good news is that this can be fixed with some professional help, but there was really no need to end up here at all. The best piece of advice is to test the skills of a person, before you let them create a “masterpiece” on your hand.

Image Source: Reddit

Taking a lot of consecutive photos of a group of people can get quite boring. It is always a good idea to make it more fun by asking everyone to jump at your command… Or is it? Maybe the photographer found it quite easy to completely ignore the fact there is a person with a broken leg. Anyways, let the fun begin in three-two-one… jump! Being in the middle is not entertaining for this guy. Despite the fact he clearly does not enjoy the moment, we cannot deny that the picture came out very amusing.

5. That one time you said: ‘Excuse me Sir, my seat is missing ‘

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It looks like this was one of the times when a terrific event was about to happen. In such occasions you need to buy the tickets months in advance in order to get a seat on the stadium. So far so good, the big day has finally come, but there is just a tiny problem: your actual seat is missing! As some events can get quite exciting, there are fans that cannot resist the urge to break everything they can. We think that this is not okay and it can be frustrating, but you can still have a lot of fun when you concentrate on the game.

6. Presenting one simple way to cut down sugars

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There are certainly many effective ways to keep your sugar income lower than usual on day-to-day basis. Have you ever searched for alternative ways you can achieve this? First, you can just get a defective cupcake with almost no jam in it. Second, it is very important to take a photo of it, share it and laugh with friends, which will burn some extra calories. Finally you can leave it for someone else to enjoy, as anyway it does not make sense to eat it now, when you already discovered the truth. We do not claim that this is the best way, but from this point of view, we think it is worth trying.

7. This person found a wooden bonus in the package

Image Source: Reddit

We understand that it is a competitive market these days, so all brands should really try to stand out. In order to have more satisfied customers they have to be unique. The wood chip this person found in his package was not the unique value proposition he was actually looking for. Accidents in production of course happen and at least it still tasted like cheese! However it certainly was not a nice surprise for the person and it could have been dangerous, as it can easily break your teeth.

8. One time when sneakers shopping went wrong

test ad
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The person who bought those did not really have enough time to choose. It is better to waste precious moments trying them on and spending time in the store making sure their size match. Going home this person was maybe quite surprised, finding out that one of the shoes was so much larger than the other. Nowadays it is quite common to buy things without even seeing them, but on the other hand it would save some inconvenience if you do that next time.

9. This was supposed to be a very sweet moment

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Opening up a pack of sweets is usually a very pleasant occasion, especially when combined with some time off! However, in this situation there are just five jellies and instead of smiling, they are actually looking like they just got out on the wrong side of bed. This can certainly ruin a good candy moment. The person who bought this must have been unpleasantly surprised after opening the pack. We can imagine the sorrow feeling, but finally we hope they at least tasted good.

10. This person is not very lucky

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For some people it is quite uncommon to carry an umbrella. Here we see this rare situation where the person actually had his umbrella when it started to rain. He happily tried to unfold it so he can go out. It turned out that the umbrella was broken. He was still bound to go out in the stormy weather and it was pointless to carry this around all day. We can conclude that unfortunately a lot of people can relate to this story.

11. Here is a triple ‘vending special and fun experience’

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We really enjoy the times when we can have a short break and quickly get ourselves a tasty treat. This is possible only if we can actually get it out of the vending machine. It seems to be easy because it is set to automatically provide what we need by simply pressing a button. In this case the treat got stuck, but the person was quite persistent and tried three times. It is not that we keep a score, but it certainly looks like a 0:3 win- human vs. machine. Maybe the fourth time will be the succesful, so fingers crossed!

12. The experience is once in a lifetime

Image Source: Imgur

It is not a big surprise that there are a ton of details to consider when it comes to planning a wedding. In such a situation we cannot judge the bride and groom; after all, this seems like a ‘plant to remember’. We are certain that someone in this situation has to have a very good sense of humor. It is still better to be behind the fern, than not to be invited. There are two options: staying there the whole night or just keep moving and dancing.

13. This is why we should be careful with the long term goals

Image Source: Reddit

It can be very frustrating to have something listed in your daily planner, but to not be able to re-call what it was about. We should learn that some things are better off not being strictly planned, or else there is a risk of missing our own imaginary wedding. Surely this situation is both funny and sad, but the circumstances are changing all the time. Before setting the next wedding date in the long term schedule, we have to make sure there will be someone to say ‘Yes’ to. After all it is a quite important element of the whole wedding thing.

14. Here is why you should better follow recipes

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There are certain times we inevitably doubt ourselves and our capabilities to do certain things. This is surely not the case of the person in this situation. He was sure that the meal will be easily cooked in the microwave. If under the term ‘cooked’ we mean exploded, the mission is accomplished! It is visible that they had to put some extra effort and read a recipe. The final result: instead of eating a warm meal, they have to stay hungry and clean the microwave and maybe also throw out the bowl. Good luck next time!

15. Here is something you do not get to see every day

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It is usually pretty exciting to crack open a fortune cookie, unless you get more of a promise than an actual fortune. This situation reminds us of the times we did not have big expectations but still got a bit disappointed. So many fortune cookies are produced these days that no one really makes the effort to make them interesting anymore. In conclusion we cannot hide the fact we still enjoy them a lot!

Written by Nick Martin

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