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16 People Who Narrowly Escaped Disastrous Situations

Image Source: Reddit

Sometimes you think you can handle everything, but life just cannot let that happen and it often proves that you are not in control! Of course, such lessons are not necessary to be hard. In some cases all it takes for you to understand that things happen suddenly and quicker than you might think is a near miss! That’s right – when you realize how wrong things would have been if the disaster actually happened, you would probably be more careful next time. Some of the people you are about to see probably learned a lesson or two from the situations they got away with! If they failed to understand how lucky they were, they would probably end up in a similar position again, but this time they might not be that fortunate. Enjoy the list!

1. Now this is a proper way to kick off the list

Image Source: Imgur

And by saying that, we really dive into business, because this is as near as misses go! This person was only a few inches from a painful injury! Just looking at this photo makes the hair on our necks stand right up! We cannot imagine the excruciating pain from a knife stabbing your foot, but it is definitely something we never want to experience firsthand! This person better be careful with that knife next time.

2. This may not look like much, but it is a big deal to us

Image Source: Imgur

Well, the picture actually says it all! This person decided to have probably the last Starburst they had left, and it was a yellow one, which is the absolute worst kind! Don’t even get us started on the question why! It is just a matter of taste preferences, probably, but most people would probably agree on this one. However, this person was lucky, because the wrapper turned out to be the wrong one and the Starburst was a nice flavor!

3. Here is something we have all experienced

Image Source: Imgur

No matter if you are clumsy by nature or not, chances are that you have done this at least once in your lifetime! Dropping the spoon in the soup bowl is definitely annoying. Instead of enjoying your meal, you need to pause it to get the spoon out, after that you need to rinse it or get a new one, and you need to wash your hand, too. This person skipped that ordeal because of an unexpected stroke of luck!

4. If there is a perfect way for a tree to fall down, this is the one

Image Source: Imgur

This situation made us think about what the chances for it to happen were in the first place. We guess the odds were really slim, considering that it is obviously a narrow street full of parked cars and no damage was done at all, which is amazing! This tree was probably old and it crumbled under its own weight. The owners of the cars in that street should consider themselves really lucky!

5. This girl escaped a serious talk with her mom

Image Source: Imgur

Now this is something we have always believed to be a problem. Social media is a phenomenon that really changed our lives and it now shapes them beyond our control! It may have a lot of benefits but it can also get people in trouble in numerous different ways. These two photos and the captions below them are the perfect example. The girl tried to act smart and posted the first photo with a spicy comment but then she realized her mother was also on social media.

6. Here is one clever approach

Image Source: Imgur

If you need to ask something but you cannot do it directly, then you have to think of a clever way to make things work. This person got away with it and the attempt was more than a success! It is all about the choice of words, or as this case suggests, the presence or the lack of a question mark! It definitely worked like a charm and the other person surely did not suspect a thing!

7. This person was more than lucky

Image Source: Reddit

When we say that someone escaped a really dangerous situation, this is the type of situation we mean. This SUV is holding on in some miraculous way and it looks like it might tumble down any minute. This landslide completely wiped out the road and sent the bits into the river below. The people in that SUV avoided a gruesome faith and they need to be extremely thankful for their luck! Things like that do not happen every day!

8. The caption says it all

test ad
Image Source: Imgur

This photo would be meaningless if the caption was not right above it! Otherwise it would have been just a bad photo taken at a bad time. We guess it is all a matter of perspective! Clearly the man whose face cannot be seen because of the sunrays is more than happy that the photo turned out the way it did! It probably saved him a lot of trouble and explaining. Of course, we cannot support him in his deeds because being unfaithful is definitely not okay.

9. This is a classic move

Image Source: Imgur

Here is another person who managed to escape falling in a bad situation! Texting your girlfriend is okay and you are allowed to write whatever you want but there is a catch. You need to make sure nobody else reads the messages! As you can see, the father of someone’s girlfriend saw the kinky text and immediately thought that he knew what was going on. He was probably right, but his daughter’s boyfriend played out the whole situation like a boss!

10. This is as close as avoiding an incident can get

Image Source: Reddit

We thought that we have seen it all but people never seize to amaze us with the things they get themselves into. It is one thing to avoid stepping on a nail, but actually stepping on it and still avoiding it is a completely different story! This person escaped an injury and the only thing that got hurt is the upper layer of skin. We guess that this is more than just luck! It is probably impossible for someone to experience the same thing again!

11. This one was really close

Image Source: Twitter

Here is another reminder to be careful what you post on social media and who you text too. We live in a constant rush and we make mistakes but there are moments when writing something via some device can be of great significance for your near future. This person made a huge mistake by sending a request to his dad. He was lucky enough to escape his faith by playing it out in style. We guess that this is what pure luck and quick thinking combined does to you!

12. Now this was going to be an unforgettable mistake

Image Source: Reddit

This photo actually points out a problem that we have stumbled upon before! Some stores offer different products under the same brand, and the packaging is basically the same regardless if you are talking about biscuits or washing detergent. As you can see, mistaking the butter with the furniture polish is more than easy and we cannot even imagine how those lemon-flavored pancakes would taste! It might be dangerous for your health, too!

13. Here is another mistake that would be hard to forget

Image Source: Imgur

We cannot help but wonder what manufacturer of this cream was thinking when launching this product. This tube is exactly the same as a toothpaste tube and mistaken the two would probably happen all the time. Putting foot cream in your mouth is the last thing you would like to do first thing in the morning and we hope we never get to experience this mistake.

14. Double-checking the alarms before going to bed is worth it

Image Source: Reddit

This is a mistake that could cost you dearly! We have allowed this to happen before and we know how bad it could end. Setting the alarm in the morning seems like a simple task but one small detail can really make a difference. If you neglect to check whether you are setting the AM or PM hours, you are most likely doomed! Make sure you check the alarms again before going to bed, just to make sure. You do not want to miss an important assignment or a date, not to mention that being late work can sometimes be the reason for you get fired on the spot.

15. These two should never be mixed up

Image Source: Reddit

We believe that some mistakes would be deeply regrettable if allowed to happen. This photo suggests such a mistake. We are almost convinced that someone somewhere was distracted by something and actually took the wrong one. There is no need to explain what would happen if you take a laxative pill before going to bed! That would be a complete and utter disaster! Wanting to sleep and not being able to rest your eyes is one thing but having to spend the night on the toilet seat is a completely different story.

16. These girls avoided the inevitable

Image Source: Two Eggz

Prior to seeing this photo we believed that every single one if the girls entering puberty were Justin Bieber fans, but now we know that there is hope! These girls escaped the fate of becoming fans of the singer and they should be proud of themselves!

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