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17 Times Cats Were Able To Ruin Otherwise Perfect Pictures

Image Source: IMGUR

There is no doubt that cats live in their own world when it comes to rules and behavior. Some felines are best left alone while others seek attention and human interaction. Either way, there is always something that cats do that makes people think they are here to control us and interfere with everything we do. When it comes to taking good images, cats often seem to feel that they must do something to make these images even better than humans would be able to make them. As you are about to see, the results are often hilarious and we are glad people shared all the times when cats decided to include themselves in pictures by accident.

1. The mirror picture

Image Source: Reddit

Taking a selfie with the person you love is always a good idea regardless of where you are and how you look like. You can simply feel the love when you take a look at the picture later. In this case, this couple’s cat decided to be in the photo and you can see that the timing was nothing but perfect.

2. The workout

Image Source: Instagram

Those who have animals will confirm that trying to do anything around the house can be nearly impossible, including working out. Home workouts are awesome because they save time and effort. The only thing you need to do is to make sure the house cat is in another room, otherwise something like this might happen. You can see this cat is not into working out at all.

3. The smile

Image Source: Reddit

Seeing this image made us chuckle and you can easily see why. These two friends were having a good time and they decided to have their picture taken instead of taking a quick selfie. They surely didn’t expect that the picture would turn out to be this funny. The cat joined them and put the cutest smile on! We love the end result and we think the picture is a million times better with another smile in it.

4. The stunt

Image Source: Reddit

We often say that the best images are those taken at the right time and in the right place. Needless to say, one must be patient to capture such an image and it takes a bit of luck to do it, too. Whoever took this image was more than lucky! As you can see, there is a flying cat in the background and it adds that particular twist in photos we like so much.

5. The focus

Image Source: Reddit

You surely know that capturing whatever you want in a photo requires some skills, especially if you want to include the whole family in one image. You need to place them in the right order and take a few steps back. You also need to zoom in and out until it comes up perfectly. The thing you could never control, however, is someone accidentally getting in the picture. This cat came to inspect the camera in the worst possible time.

6. The giggle

Image Source: Reddit

Have you ever seen a giggling cat? Well, we have seen numerous times but it is always accidental. In this case, we believe the cat in the back might actually be plotting something. It seems that cats really have a thing on their mind on all occasions regardless of the relationships between them and humans. This girl needs to watch out, we guess.

7. The selfie

Image Source: Reddit

People take selfies all the time. It is not a surprise that it boosts one’s confidence. When you feel good and you like what you see in the selfie you take, your mood becomes even better. What could add to that feeling? Well, a picture of your cat, of course! It looks like this image was not meant to feature the cat but it still happened.

8. The lurking cat

Image Source: Reddit

Here is another brilliant example of how cats can act suspiciously. There is no surprise in the fact that felines love their humans’ attention but you can see that this particular cat expresses a different feeling: jealousy. Yes, cats can be overprotective and also overly attached to their owners, which often results in situations like this one. The cat wanted to be in the human’s arms instead of the dog.

9. The face

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Image Source: Imgur

There is something about felines that we have always loved: their ability to make the cutest faces you could ever see. Some say that animals are incapable of expressing feelings because they don’t have any, but we beg to differ. All animals can show their fear or excitement. This cat even showed its mood: you can see the feline is up to no good.

10. The mug

Image Source: Reddit

This is one of those moments when you can literally sense the irony. It seems that this person knew what her cat was up to most of the time, so she bought the best mug to highlight that. Still, the image was purely accidental but the best part about it is that it proves what is written on the mug.

11. The portrait

Image Source: Imgur

Portrait images are the kind we see the most, as people always take portraits of their family members, friends, and pets. This person decided it would be fun to put a Pizza Hut sign on their dog and take a portrait image but the family cat had another idea. You can see that the feline ruined the image in the last moment possible and the dog is not sure how to react to that.

12. The eyes

Image Source: Imgur

It seems that the effect cats’ eyes have when photographed with the flash on is never getting old: we love seeing images of that! This image, however, was not meant to feature this effect at all, as the owner of these dogs simply wanted to have their picture while they behaved nicely and stood in a line. The cat had another opinion on the matter, obviously.

13. The stare

Image Source: Twitter

At first glance, the blurry image of the cat in the background is not noticeable but once you see it, you cannot see anything else in the image. This cute doggo obviously had no clue about the feline lurking from behind. It appears that the cat was not happy about the human giving the dog all the attention and we guess that the human spent some time with the kitty to show it some love.

14. The napping cat

Image Source: Reddit

Trying to point out the best sleeping location for a cat is impossible. Felines love to nap literally everywhere they please and this could mean that even their owners might not be aware of where they prefer to sleep during the day. Of course, the kitchen chairs are usually a favorite spot for cats to sleep on. This is the case here: a cat’s nap was disturbed by the image of this dog and the hustle and bustle related to it.

15. The tongue

Image Source: Reddit

Some animal pictures are so deep that they cannot be easily explained. Sure enough, this appears to be an ordinary image of two cats but there is a lot more than that to see. Focusing on the cats’ faces is enough for us to understand their exact relationship. The goofy one in the back obviously does the thing it does all the time while the other cat is perfectly aware of what’s going on and has the appropriate facial expression.

16. The angle

Image Source: Flickr

Cats are notorious gymnasts and they can do any trick in the book. They are born athletes and you can see them doing incredible things. They could also pose for a picture in all kinds of different angles, too! As you can see here, the cat on the left decided to be part of the image no matter what happens. The person behind the camera probably had no time to react and we love the end result!

17. The wedding image

Image Source: Imgur

Here is one classic example of a cat ruining a very important image. Wedding photos are essential for any wedding they and every single one of them must be perfect. Well, this cat did its best to contribute to the image but the end result is not the one the photographer was hoping for. Apart from being in the picture, the cat ruined the focus and the whole thing is blurry. At least it is super funny!

Written by Sven Miller

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