20 Comparison Images That Reveal How Celebs’ Aged Over The Years

When you are used to someone’s appearance and you see them frequently or even on a daily basis, you will probably not notice the way they age. However, if you meet someone for the first time in a decade, for example, chances are that you would be stunned by the difference. This is why keeping track on the aging process is hard while it happens. The best way to do it is by pulling out pictures of someone’s appearance years from now and compare to them to the current way the person looks. This is what the following list is all about.

1. Chuck Norris

Image Source: East News

The legendary actor aged really well and he is a living legend!

2. Uma Thurman

Image Source: East News

Uma Thurman looks gorgeous as ever and we like her even more 25 years after Pulp Fiction.

3. Keanu Reeves

Image Source: East News

We guess that if he shaves the beard and gets the hairstyle he used to rock, he would look the same.

4. Nicolas Cage

Image Source: East News

This is one of our favorite actors, despite his series of controversial roles!

5. Fergie

Image Source: East News

Whatever some people might say about her, she has always been glamorous and good-looking!

6. Ryan Gosling

Image Source: East News

The handsome actor looks better and better as the years go by! What a lucky man!

7. Brooke Shields

Image Source: East News

Here is another living legend! She began her career in the 70s as a model and has been on the top since.

8. Antonio Banderas

Image Source: East News

Many women probably had sleepless nights because of the actor who is still the typical macho!

9. Macaulay Culkin

Image Source: FOX / Jackdishel

The actor looked really different until a couple of years, but not he is clean-shaven and looks sharp!

10. Mila Kunis

Image Source: East News

She is definitely one of the pretties Hollywood faces and she still shines bright!

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11. Alec Baldwin

Image Source: East News

If there is a right way for a man to age, then Baldwin nailed it for sure!

12. Courteney Cox

Image Source: East News

Monica from Friends is also one of the people who were blessed to age more than well!

13. Jude Law

Image Source: East News

The charismatic actor hasn’t lost even a tiny bit of his presence and charm.

14. Rihanna

Image Source: Twitter

Riri became popular when she was only 16 and she was able to improve herself in every possible way!

15. Renee Zellweger

Image Source: East News

Bridget Jones will forever be in the hearts of many people across the world!

16. Paul David Hewson

Image Source: East News

Not many people know his real name, but Bono is one of the most recognizable musicians in the world.

17. Catherine Zeta-Jones

Image Source: East News

The stunning actress has the same strong presence she always had and we love her for that.

18. Colin Firth

Image Source: East News

This is another example of a man who became even more handsome as the years went by.

19. Sarah Jessica Parker

Image Source: East News

She hardly needs any introduction! Parker will remain an icon and a role model for many women out there!

20. Katherine Heigl

Image Source: ABC / Prozeny

We have always admired her for the talent and for her charming smile!

Written by Sven Miller

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