23 People Who Definitely Wished They Could Restart Their Day

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Every now and then we all wish we could turn back time, even if it is for just an hour or so! The reason for that might be different for every person. For us, it is the everyday struggles we face. When they pile up, we feel like the burden is just too heavy! It seems that we are not the only ones who feel this way. The list below shows examples of situations that people would definitely like to be able to avoid by turning back time!

1. This person will not post such a thing again

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This would have been a great start of the day, but in a split second everything turned into a disaster, and this person probably felt that it was not going to be a good day.

2. Opening a package is tricky

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We guess that people should really be careful when it comes to even the simplest things. Opening a package is definitely among those things!

3. We get annoyed when this happens

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Imagine a time when you were so thirsty that you could barely wait to have a drink. This is probably how this person felt and they wanted to have a cold drink, but it was obvious that he had to work for it.

4. Upgrading your daily driver can be challenging

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People who add different aftermarket parts and kits to their vehicles must be aware that they actually make their lives harder because upgraded cars are often not suitable for daily use.

5. These people are having more than a bad day

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It is one thing to experience a bad day but it is a completely different thing when a huge container ships suffers a disaster like this one! The situation looks serious and we hope they handled it!

6. The lady in the convertible is not enjoying this for sure

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There are a lot of benefits of owning a convertible and we are convinced it is a lot of fun to cruise around in one, but this person definitely had better experiences for sure! Imagine the smell she must have sensed!

7. Here is something we would never want to experience

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We are among the people who worship pizza and all other kinds of Italian food, which is why we always try to be respectful of it. This person definitely tried their best but they forgot it was in the oven!

8. This was no time for a selfie

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Now this is what we call a disaster! This person probably had no way of seeing that coming! Let’s hope that they eventually managed to stop the running water and fixed everything.

9. Now this is a real bummer

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We believe that this is among the most common traffic accidents related to tunnels! Every road that goes under a tunnel is marked with warning signs, but this driver neglected it and now they need to deal with a lot of trouble.

10. We know how that feels

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Locking yourself in or out of a room due to a faulty door lock is something that most people have experienced and it is definitely something that could ruin anyone’s day!

11. You can tell exactly what happened here

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You do not have to be a detective in order to figure out what happened here! Someone had a really bad day because this printer exploded in the worst possible moment!


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Knowing that you left your car in mint condition only to find it damaged a few hours later is a thought that we just cannot accept! This person experienced that, but the driver who did left a note which we cannot understand at all.

13. Here is another food disaster

test ad
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In our opinion, the real burger must feature cheese, otherwise it is just not the same experience for your tastebuds. However, the cheese needs to actually be inside the burger, not on its side.

14. This person appearss to be a bit worried

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We can definitely tell that this man is more or less worried that a crew of workers are taking this plane apart immediately before take off! He will probably be worried during the flight, too.

15. Something went realy wrong here

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As you can see, someone hoped to have that Kit Kat experience we all love. You know, the one when you break the four pieces one by one. However, a production malfunction stole that pleasure away.

16. This driver is definitely stuck

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We have seen a lot of bad traffic jams, but this is a completely different meaning of heavy traffic! This endless sea of sheep would definitely cause a delay in this driver’s schedule.

17. Here is a pair of shoes that would probably go straight to tbe trash bin

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It appears that this person left these shoes somewhere they did not belong. The front end of the shoes suffered from what we guess was a heater which cause them to melt.

18. This hotel is like a maze

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Imagine the way this person must have felt after seeing that their room does not actually exist according to this sign. It is definitely confusing to see such a thing.

19. This is some kind of accidental sarcasm

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We guess that what happened here is the exact opposite of stress relief! We would be furious if we had to clean a mess like that, especially if we were in a hurry!

20. Here is what happens when you work on your laptop outdoors

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We also like to work outside, but we never actually though about the danger of this happening! We will definitely be more careful from now on!

21. This woman was probably frustrated when she woke up

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She was probably really exhausted and she could not help it but fall asleep. That pizza looks delicious and it is a shame knowing that it was wasted.

22. The local Wendy’s

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Well, this is quite creative. I am not too sure what was the reason everyone quit, but I guess they had a good one. Anyway, I love Wendy’s.

23. The hide and seek game

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Well, losing hide and seek from your nephew might make you feel, not so good. We have to admit that kids these days are quite creative.

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