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5 Child Geniuses Who Had Terrible Lives

3. Barbara Newhall Follett

From a very early age, Barbara showed signs what she was something else. Her father, Wilson Follett submitted a letter to Harper’s Magazine once, in which he described his daughter’s fascination with words and letters. He knew the girl had something special. He just had no idea how special she actually was.

Barbara grew up to be a promising young writer. Her first book, The House Without Windows, was picked up and published, becoming an overnight best seller. It was 1926 and Barbara was 12 years old.

Not everything was going great, though. Her father left her mother, leaving her and Barbara to fend for themselves. Barbara continued her successful writing career for a while, before she married. Not much is known about that part of her life, but what is known is that in 1339, following a domestic dispute, Barbara left her house and just vanished with no trace. Her body was never recovered.

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4. Walter Pitts

Walter Pitts was born in 1923, in Detroit, Michigan to a family that struggled to make ends meet. Growing like that put limitations on his self esteem, resulting in him being bullied. On top of that he had to leave school and work, to help his parents.

His only escape from the dourness of reality was the library, where he would spend hours on end, devouring information, always studying and expanding his knowledge.

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At the tender age of 12, Pitts was already fluent in Greek and Latin, math and logic. He had developed a true love for those subjects ever since he discovered Bertrand Russell’s Principia Mathematica. He (Walter) even started pen friendship with Russell, impressing him to the point where Russell invited the young man to go study at Cambridge. Walter couldn’t leave, because of his age, plus – him dropping out meant that he never graduated from high school to begin with. Regardless, in 1943 Pitts received the title of PhD from MIT.

Due to his work in cybernetics, he went on to lead a revolution in AI technologies in the computer age. His less popular ideas on brain function and the mechanics of thought hit a brick wall in the scientific community, which led Pitts to severe alcoholism. He tried to treat his addiction a couple of times, but unfortunately he couldn’t and in 1969, Walter Pitts died of cirrhosis.

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5. Peaches Geldof

At the tender age of 11, Peaches Gelfof experienced a loss that no one is ever ready for, no matter of age, sex, character or religion – the death of a mother. in 2000 TV personality Paula Yates (Peaches’s mom) passed on, due to drugs overdose, leaving her daughter and husband (Bob Geldof) behind Unfortunately, this grim episode, foreshadowed her daughter’s own demise later on.

Peaches started her writing career at 15, with a position in Elle magazine. A year later, she moved out from her home and from Elle, to start working for The Guardian and later The Telegraph. As if that wasn’t enough, she doubled in television, as well as modeling and even launched a clothing line of her own.

To the rest of the world, Geldof seemed like a human machine with immense quantities of energy and wired for success. Almost nobody knew, that at the same time, Peaches was battling with an addiction to heroin. She never spoke in public about this problem, but was secretly visiting methadone treatment centers for 2.5 years, before she succumbed to her habit for a final time in 2014 and died of overdose, just like her mother. A brilliant young woman of many talents, whose death reminds me of that old saying – a light that’s twice as bright, lives half as long.

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