8 People Who Died After Suffering Broken Hearts

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Most of us have had a broken heart at one time or another in our lifetimes. Some lucky souls have been spared. It seems that loss and pain are a part of life for all of us, sometimes.

Eventually, everyone feels the pain of losing someone they love. It could be a breakup that does them in, or it could be the death of their spouse or child that changes their life forever.

Most people can move on after their heart is broken. They are never the same, however, and the bad days still hit them like a ton of bricks at times, but they can move on to some semblance of normal, eventually.

There are some that just can’t find the wherewithal to go on after a broken heart. These are some poor souls that have died of a broken heart.

1. Matthew Badger

I know from experience that losing a child is the worst pain imaginable.

When he lost all three of his girls in a Christmas Day fire in 2011, Matthew Badger’s heart broke and he was never the same.

He was a film director and president of a non profit that helped bring arts programs to at risk schools around New York.

He said that the feeling of loss will never go away, and that the fire ended his life.

His daughters, Lily-10, and twins Sarah and Grace-7, perished in the horrific early morning fire along with their maternal grandparents at the home of their mother, Madonna Badger. She and a male friend survived the blaze.

In 2017, Matthew Badger died of natural causes at the age of 51. Some say he died of a broken heart.

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2. Sunil Sambhi

Tragedy hit the same family twice in one day in 2011.

First, a 16 year old boy, Dev Sambhi, was killed when his mother lost control of her vehicle on the interstate. She suffered injuries and was taken to the hospital as well.

Sunil Sambhi was the father of the boy, and he blamed his wife, Natalia, for his son’s passing.

Witnesses to the crash say that a tire might have blown, causing Natalia to veer off the road. Reports state that Dev didn’t have his seatbelt on.

Police saw Sunil while at the hospital with his wife and he seemed calm and non violent, even though he was clearly upset.

A few hours later, several 911 calls were made about a car going the wrong way on the interstate, the same one his son had died on that day.

He crashed head on into another vehicle, and was killed as well. The police deemed it a possible suicide.

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3. Doug Flutie’s parents

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Doug Flutie was a quarterback in the NFL, and he was a Heismam Trophy winner.

In 2015, his mom and Dad both passed away on the same day.

First, his dad, Richard, died from a heart attack at a hospital. An hour later, his mother also suffered a heart attack and died.

They were married for over 56 years at the time of their deaths.

When Doug announced it on Facebook, he said he truly believed the saying that one can die of a broken heart.

He went on to tell about his parents’ devotion to their children, including his dad coaching and his mom working concessions throughout his and his siblings’ lives.

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4. Debbie Reynolds

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Just last year, in December, Carrie Fisher left this world. The world was in mourning for her, as she played one of the most beloved characters of all time, Princess Leia, from ‘Star Wars.’

The next day, her mother, the legendary Debbie Reynolds, died as well. She is well known for her roles in movies such as ‘Singin’ in the Rain.’ She was busy planning a service for Carrie when she had a stroke and passed away as well.

She wasn’t distraught and beside herself, but her son, Todd, said she willed herself to go with Carrie. She didn’t want to leave her, she didn’t want her to be by herself. So, she just went with her. He said that she said as much and simply went to sleep. Within a half an hour, she was gone, too.

The mother and daughter duo had had a rocky relationship at times, but they had remained very close in the last years before their deaths.

Their lives were honored in a double funeral and they were also buried together in a cemetery in Hollywood.

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Written by Amanda Johnson

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