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9 Of The Best Halloween Costumes Of 2018

Image Source: Reddit

A lot of people love Halloween. Many billions of dollars are spent every year. In 2015, for example, almost $7 billion was spent. In 2016, the average American spent over $80 on the holiday. The amount being spent, it seems, continues to rise.

I am not sure why Halloween is so popular. All I know is that I get irritated when I start to see decorations for the holiday in August. The summer isn’t over, but we are celebrating a holiday that takes place in the middle of fall. Then again, I am easily irritated and get ticked off when I see a Christmas decoration on November 1st.

I don’t eat much candy, so the only fun part of Halloween—for me—is the costumes. That said, I walked into a convenience store last year and saw someone dressed for Halloween more than a week before the actual holiday. We Americans might be taking the holiday a bit too seriously.

Here are ten examples of Halloween costumes that are pretty amusing.

1. Hocus Pocus

Image Source: Reddit

In case you are not familiar, this is apparently a reference to the movie “Hocus Pocus”. I admit I wasn’t familiar either, even though I probably should have been considering the time period in which it was released.

Even if I am not familiar with the source material, I must say this is an impressive costume.
One of the only things I like about Halloween are the scary movies, and I have been watching them since I was very young. I think the first one I saw was “Child’s Play”. You’re probably familiar with that franchise. It is all about an evil doll. The first movie did pretty well, and then they made another, and then they made another. The third one wasn’t so good. Eventually, they made a sequel; the doll found himself reunited with the lady in his life, who ended up becoming a doll. John Ritter was in that one. I always thought he was a good actor. Sadly, he is no longer with us.

What I find truly remarkable about the “Child’s Play” series is that it has been going on for thirty years and still remains sort of fresh. I refuse to see the reboot, which will apparently rewrite the mythology, but I will watch the television series based on the original movie and its many sequels. The most recent film took place in an institution, and the ending was quite a surprise. I won’t ruin it here, but I recommend checking it out if you like those sorts of movies.

2. The Costume About “The Office”

Image Source: Reddit

Anyone who is a fan of “The Office”—the American version—has to admit how brilliant this costume is. That kid definitely looks like he could be a son of Dwight. Even the birthday thing is extremely clever. If you watched the show a lot, which I did, you will know why.

If you have not seen the American version of the show, you should definitely check it out. Even the worst season, which was season eight, had memorable moments. The boss during that season was incredibly creepy.

Dwight was one of my favorite characters. He was just such an odd human being, but he somehow seemed like he could be a real person. I don’t know how the writers managed to pull that one off. You wouldn’t think you could relate to a person who really liked beets a little too much, but they all managed to do it pretty well.

I also liked how he called people “idiot”. The delivery was just incredible.

My favorite character on “The Office”, of course, was Pam. How could you not love Pam? She is exactly the kind of woman I would want to marry. Unfortunately, I have yet to find a pretty, sweet woman with low standards. I don’t think I ever will.

3. The Yin and the Yang

Image Source: Reddit

It really is a great costume, and they are definitely pulling it off. Also, that guy is super tall. They both seem to be enjoying themselves. It looks like it must be difficult to walk in such a costume, though.
Frankly, I’ll just never understand why people over the age of ten dress up for Halloween. Years back, I was invited to Halloween parties, and I was extremely lazy about the whole thing. I usually dressed up as Dr. House—the star of the show “House”. It didn’t cost very much to do so. I had the t-shirt, jeans, and sneakers already. All I had to do was buy a cane, and you can get those for $10 at your local drugstore.

It was a great show. I loved “House”. I wish they would make another season. He was just so sarcastic!

4. The Car Costume

Image Source: Reddit

This one is pretty good. When I first looked at the image, I couldn’t tell that anyone was actually driving the car.

That seems like it could get a person in trouble, though. It feels like it would attract the attention of law enforcement, which is rarely a good thing. If there are police officers paying attention to you, then you have either committed a crime or been the victim of a crime.

There is a police officer who lives pretty close to me. He is a really nice guy. He always waves. He also has a tiny dog—like I do! The dogs do not get along, sadly. Then again, my dog doesn’t get along with anyone or anything.

5. Another Costume From “The Office”

Image Source: Instagram

This is another costume from the American version of “The Office”, which makes me very happy. I really loved that show, and it is nice to know that people are still obsessed with it so many years after it went off the air. There is talk of another season!

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A part of me doubts this costume is real, but a part of me really wants it to be real. If you’re not familiar with the show, this costume is of the character Kevin, who was a relatively minor character. He was an accountant who was really terrible at his job; he once spilled an entire pot of homemade chili in the office. He tried to clean it up, and it was pretty disgusting.

I really did like the character of Kevin. My only complaint was that he seemed to get dumber as the years went on, which was sort of obnoxious. At first, he was just sort of incompetent and silly. Towards the end of the show I couldn’t figure out how the character could manage to dress himself in the morning.

I liked how his story ended, though. He bought a bar and seemed pretty happy. Really, the ending of that show was great.

6. The Clip

Image Source: Reddit

I don’t think there is a way to make a fictional paperclip that talks attractive. I have to give credit to the person in this image, though. That person is really selling it, and this obviously took a lot of work.
If you live long enough, you see a lot of dumb costumes, some of which aren’t appropriate to discuss here. I knew a girl who tried to make a certain kind of insect seem attractive. It is the kind of insect you really don’t want in your house. It is a pest that has been around for hundreds of millions of years. I will leave it at that. If you really think about it, you might figure it out. By the way, she did not manage to pull it off.

I really loathe Microsoft Word. I have been using it professionally for well over a decade now, and I still can’t stand it.

7. The Video

Image Source: Reddit

I can’t tell if this woman is a big fan of the movie or just really misses the good old days when people used to have to rent movies on VHS. It could be a combination of the two.

I do miss the days, sort of, when renting a movie was a big deal. You would go to the video store and look at all of your options; then your parents would yell at you to just “pick something out already or I’m taking you home”. In a way, they were simpler times.

Then again, I might just be feeling nostalgic. Two of my good friends when I was a kid used to work in video stores; they would always recommend neat movies for me to watch. Nowadays, I get my movies from Netflix—or I order them using my cable service. Once in a while I’ll use that weird vending machine outside of the drug store, but I have to be pretty desperate for something to do. The selection is generally pretty terrible, too. I really don’t understand the business model there.

My big question is why this woman chose the movie “Hercules”, which was an okay movie—but it wasn’t great in my opinion. Then again, my opinion is wrong, as the critics really seemed to love it.

However, it did not do as well at the box office as Disney probably would have liked.

I am guessing the woman really loved the movie, though, and that’s cool!

One of the stars of “Hercules” was James Woods. He played the bad guy. These days, Woods is best known for playing himself on “Family Guy”. He also portrayed himself on an episode of “The Simpsons”. He is also known for being a pretty good poker player.

8. The Costume About the Lost Dog

Image Source: Reddit

I can’t really figure out why this young woman made the butt so big, but this is definitely a pretty clever costume. It also doesn’t seem like it took a lot of work, which is a good thing when it comes to Halloween costumes. Sometimes less—when it comes to costumes—really is more. There is no reason to spend a ton of money on a costume—especially considering you only wear them for one day. I feel similarly about wedding dresses.

This costume makes me sad, though, as it reminds me of the times I have misplaced a pet. Also, as I write this, it has been two years since I lost the best dog ever, who was promptly replaced by the most obnoxious dog ever. I know the new dog wants to be good, but he just can’t seem to manage it. He has a villainous streak that no amount of scolding will erase from his personality.

My old dog loved to chase deer, and my new dog does too. What is ridiculous is that I only get small dogs; I have allergy issues. Why do tiny little dogs chase deer? What are they hoping to gain?

9. The Couple Costume and the Filter

Image Source: Reddit

I wonder if it is true that the guy just doesn’t have a filter. He kind of looks like the sort of guy that doesn’t. He also doesn’t look thrilled in this picture; a lot of people don’t like being photographed. I know that I don’t!

All things considered, I think I have a pretty good filter. It isn’t great, but it is good. My friends and family might disagree, but they also haven’t heard half of the things I actually want to say. If I expressed my feelings regularly, I would have no one in my life. I roll my eyes a lot when people aren’t looking.

Written by Kevin Barrett

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