A decade ago a 15cm long human skeleton was found in a ghost town in Chile.

Back in 2003 a Chilean man named Oscar Munoz found a strange miniature skeleton near an old church in the ghost town of La Noria, located in the Atacama Desert. The skeleton appears to be that of a human, except only it is only 6 inches long. Munoz decided to sell his finding to a local pub owner for around 51 USD.

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Image Source: TUMBLR
Image Source: TUMBLR

It was then sold to a Spanish businessman named Ramon Navia-Osorio, who is still its rightful owner.
Scientists conducted tons of studies and exams on the miniature skeleton. The 15cm long structure proved to be human. Not only that, but the scientists also ruled that it could have been a native of the western parts of South America. The skeleton was called Ata, short for Atacama after the desert where it was found. There are many theories about Ata’s mutation, size and shape. Most of them suggest that Ata was a human fetus born too prematurely for survival, but scientists still haven’t figured out the whole mystery surrounding Ata.
Other theories suggest that the skeleton is the remains of an alien, although the presence of human DNA suggests otherwise.

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