A man from Singapore received a $15,800 fine after he threw his cigarette butts out of his window

Singapore is one of several countries which are strict on litter pollution and are using severe measures to cleanse their streets. Take this man’s case, for example.

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Image Source: UPI
Image Source: UPI

According to official reports, an unnamed 38 year old man from Singapore received a $15,836 fine for littering the streets of the city-state. Shortly after several residents from the man’s building complained to the local authorities that somebody has been polluting their area with cigarette butts and other waste particles, the National Environment Agency decided to take action on all litterbugs. They installed a total of 600 surveillance cameras all across Singapore and one of them caught the 38 year old in the act of throwing a total of 34 cigarette butts out of his window between the 13th and the 16th of March last year. Once the agency got a hold of him, he was sentenced to 5 hours of community work and a hefty fine.
Not only that, but the reports also show that the guy has received the biggest fine ever in the history of littering fines. Apart from him, ever since the cameras were installed more than 200 other people have also been charged with littering the streets of Singapore.

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