A Man On Reddit Refused To Name His Daughter Karen And Asked If He’s That Bad

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We believe that one of the most responsible things one could do in their lifetime is name their kids. It is the kind of thing that requires much thought. Still, there are moments when this proves to be tougher than anyone could think. Needless to say, the reason is mostly one: the mother and the father disagree on the matter. This would almost every time result in a compromise and the topic below shows that. One person didn’t want to name his daughter Karen and his wife insisted on that name. The full story is below, as well as part of the comments Reddit users left.

1. The combined names

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Opinions regarding the choice of a name may vary but one thing is for sure: combining two names in one is never a great idea. In fact, this most often results in hilarious names that should never exist. The Twilight analogy is the best way to explain that and we loved this opinion.

2. The name

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The reason why the man wanted to avoid the name Karen at all costs is understandable. He was obviously familiar with the variety of Karen jokes that took over the Internet by storm a few years ago. Still, he never expected his dilemma would amass such a huge number of followers. All of them got to see the final result of the dilemma and we like the decision the couple made.

3. The joke

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People always seem to think that something will pass within a few years and they expressed similar opinions here. We believe that the veto power was quite useful in this case and the father had a point.

4. The suggestion

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Here is yet another user who commented on the topic. He suggested that a combination of two names could actually solve the problem but he also admitted that Karen as a first name is a big no-no.

5. The opinion

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This person shared an opinion that we could actually agree with. They suggested that the name would be a problem mostly for the parents. This actually makes a lot sense and it is plausible.

6. The decision

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This user expressed another opinion that made total sense. It appears that honoring the late mother of the woman mentioned in the story is not worth the potential hard times baby Karen will have.

7. The attitude

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This person that happened to be named Karen herself explained her point of view and we actually agree with it. She claims her name never made her feel bad or uncomfortable and she also added that the attitude matters the most, not the name.

8. The tribute naming

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Here is one of the best entries on the list. This person talked about the habit people have: they always name their kids on their own parents. This is not some kind of law and this couple should choose a different route, indeed.

9. The definition

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Now, this is one of those opinions you could hardly ever prove wrong. This is nothing but the truth and we agree that the Karen trend and everything related to it would likely not become a thing of the past soon. It seems that naming a child like that will not do them any favors.

10. The specific term

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The name Karen is not used as a description of a certain type of person with a specific behavior. These people are among the most unpleasant individuals you could ever communicate with and naming a kid like that would be a risky endeavor.

11. The kids

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This comment surprised us because we never expected to see that the name Karen would be used as a direct insult by kids in 3rd grade! That sounds weird but it means that naming a kid Karen would be a mistake if you want to avoid all the risks of other kids makes jokes about the name.

12. The change

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Here is one opinion that was short but honest. This person was also named Karen and she obviously had enough of all the jokes related to it. She even wanted to change it! Imagine how bad the situation must be. Wanting to change your birth name is a sure sign that living with it is hard.

13. The good point

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This person obviously pays attention to the trendiest topics on Reddit because they mentioned something dating back to 2015. Their opinion was related to most people’s assumption that the jokes related to the name Karen would fade away soon. We actually can’t remember these jokes being a thing in 2015 but they probably will be in 2030, too.

14. The German version

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Here is yet another curious comment by a user Reddit. They suggested that the baby should be named regardless of anyone’s name and we completely agree. As you can probably guess, the baby would never feel special about wearing their granny’s name. For the sake of the kid’s well-being and their joke-free childhood, they should skip on the Karen name.

15. The beginning of the topic

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Here is how this popular topic started. The father-to-be shared the story of how his veto over the Karen name was not accepted by his wife who really wanted to honor her late mother by naming her first-born child Karen. This was surely going to be a huge problem.

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