A Mother Has A Warning After Her Daughter Blinded Herself While On Drugs

Image Source: Katy Tompkins/Facebook

Katy Tompkins is the devastated mother of Kaylee Muthart, a girl that was recently involved in a horrific incident. Kaylee literally gouged her eyes out in front of a church in the town of Anderson, South Carolina.

The young woman had reportedly taken a high dose of methamphetamine; when she was found outside the church, she was hallucinating and was already holding one of her eyeballs in her hand.

The 20-year-old woman even managed to push back the people that gathered and wanted to help her—for a time—but she was eventually flown to Greenville Memorial Hospital’s trauma unit. The medical staff there could not do much, except to clean what was left in her eye sockets to avoid a possible infection.

When Katy arrived, the doctors told her that her daughter was completely blind, and the woman recalls that she felt sheer terror. It must have been a real struggle for her to cope with the fact that her daughter blinded herself, but Katy was certainly glad that her girl was still alive. However, she knew there was something wrong.

Katy stated that Kaylee began to take methamphetamine about half a year prior to the incident. The doctors presume that on the tragic day of the incident the girl definitely used meth, which was likely mixed with another substance or chemical, and that caused the hallucinations. Kaylee told doctors that she started hearing voices and they told her to give her eyes as a “sacrifice”—so she would be eligible to go to heaven.

Image Source: Katy Tompkins/Facebook

The mother of the 20-year-old girl said that her daughter is doing great, and she is slowly getting better and better with each passing day. Kaylee is now getting treated in various ways; she knows that she is going to have to learn a lot of new things, because her condition means that she will have a different life—one that starts now.

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Katy advises all parents to be extremely cautious and to observe their children, saying that if they suspect that some kind of a substance is involved in their daily lives, they need to take immediate measures.

She admits that she has not fully accepted the situation yet. She finds it hard to take a look at old pictures of Kaylee. Although she realizes that her girl will not be able to see anymore, she also struggles when she thinks about it, because the thought that your child will only be living in the dark going forward is something that is very tough to accept.

She added that the whole situation is one of those things that you think could never happen to you. Katy used to talk to mother of children who have been abusing addictive substances for many years, and she wondered how they could go through it and where they found the strength within them. Katy says that the six months her daughter took meth figuratively tore her apart.

The doctors have prescribed drops containing an antibiotic in order for her eyelids to be moistened regularly, and that is why Kaylee is still under medical care in the hospital. They also advised that it was better for the young girl to use prosthetic eyes in order to preserve her facial structure and also avoid bacterial infection in the cavities.

Image Source: Katy Tompkins/Facebook

Kaylee will return to her mother’s home after the hospital treatment is over, because she will need assistance in the process of adjusting to her new way of life.

There is a GoFundMe page set up for Kaylee—because she needs a guide dog—and the $8,000 target has almost been reached.

Katy also wrote that there are many other victims of methamphetamine. She and her daughter needed assistance in preparing themselves for the long journey ahead, which will require a lot of things in order for Kaylee to have a normal life.

The mother really wanted her daughter’s story to be helpful in some way—despite it being a tragedy. She and Kaylee were grateful to everyone who prayed for them and for all the donations. She added that as soon as they get a guide dog, her daughter plans to start getting back on her feet.

Written by Nick Martin

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