A Russian Plumber Fooled A Hospital That He’s A Gynaecologist And Examined More Than 100 Women

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As we all know, people can be terrible. This is the story of a horrible person. Somehow, a plumber actually managed to convince a hospital that he was a gynecologist.

You see where this is going.

He examined female patients, at least one of whom was a child.

According to Russian media reports, it took the hospital’s bosses several days to discover that their “qualified gynecologist” was a plumber who had also gone to jail for theft.

The 31-year-old pretend doctor is from Pervourasik, and his name is Anton Yarin. He allegedly applied for a job as a plumber; once he got the gig at the hospital, though, he put on a white coat and started telling people he was a gynecologist, a surgeon, and a medic.

As one newspaper put it, he basically wandered around the hospital with impunity. He just pretended to be a doctor.
I don’t think we need to speculate regarding Anton’s motives. We do have to wonder how he managed to accomplish what he did, though.

According to a head physician at the hospital, Anton had been there as a patient before. He knew the place well, apparently, and knew the names of several of the doctors.Anton was, according to the aforementioned doctor, “very confident”. Everybody just believed he was a new doctor.

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For obvious reasons, the hospital isn’t exactly forthcoming in regard to what happened when Anton “treated patients”. Fortunately, police are investigating the whole situation. However, the man has not yet been detained as far as we know.
If it scares you that people can just pretend to be doctors and examine you, it should. Start freaking out, because it happened in the United States not too long ago. Just last year, a man ended up going to jail for over three years for pretending to be a doctor and stealing from his elderly “patient”. He didn’t steal a small amount, either—he stole over 30 thousands dollars.

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Image Source: East2West News

That fake doctor was only 20, but he certainly looked the part: he had a stethoscope and lab coat—he even had an office out of which he worked. He was charged with practicing medicine without a license. He was busted when an undercover police officer booked an appointment with complaints of a sore throat and sneezing. The fake doc actually listened to her lungs and hearts before telling her that she had allergies and suggested she take over-the-counter medication.
The cheeky man would later go on to state he never claimed to be a medical doctor. I guess he was technically right when he pointed out that a lot of people who aren’t qualified to practice medicine have the word doctor before their names.

Image Source: East2West News

Women, please do be careful regarding who you let treat you. At Prince George’s Medical Center, a man used an identity theft scheme to “become” a doctor. He also claimed to be a gynecologist. Apparently, perverts who want to play doctor “go into” that line of medicine. The hospital claims they did a background check on the supposed gynecologist, but the class action suit clearly indicates something went wrong. He practiced medicine there for eight years and delivered babies!

According to reports, he had a fraudulent social security number.

Over 100 women claim to have been treated by the “doctor”.

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Written by Kevin Barrett

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