An American Tourist Is In Custody For Decapitating His Tinder Date In Japan

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American tourist Yevgeniy Vasilievich Bayraktar, who is 26, is currently in custody in Japan because he has been accused of decapitating a woman and then putting her head in bag. According to reports, the rest of her body was scattered in the woods.

Yevgeniy, who was on vacation in Japan, was once a US airman and has been referred to as a “mama’s boy”. He is from Long Island, New York.

The victim in this case is Saki Kondo, and she apparently met Yevgeniy via a dating application—possibly Tinder. She was 27 years old at the time of her death.

The woman was last seen on the 15th of February; security cameras noticed her entering Yevgeniy’s rented apartment. She was never seen leaving the apartment; however, the cameras caught Yevgeniy leaving the apartment with numerous bags.

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Police found the woman’s head in a bag in his short-term lodging room, which was in Osaka.

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Police were eventually led to the rest of the woman’s body—including her severed torso—which Yevgeniy allegedly scattered in the woods.

This occurred on the 26th of February. Her severed torso and arms were found in Shimamoto, which is located roughly 25 miles from the city of Osaka.

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Yevgeniy grew up in the United States. His mother, Regina, met a Texan online and married him, only to abandon him later. The Texan’s name is Benny Dacy.

According to reports, Yevgeniy grew up spoiled by his mother, who has been described by her ex-husband as “selfish”. Dacy said that he financed Regina’s nursing studies.

Dacy—who is the one that called Yevgeniy a “mama’s boy”—said that Regina would cook Yevgeniy something special in the middle of a meal if Yevgeniy did not like the food that was being served. The former stepfather said this occurred when the family did not have a lot of money.

Dacy added that Yevgeniy was very close to his mother; however, he admits that he was never close to the boy.

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Yevgeniy served in the air force briefly, but was discharged in 2012. He only served for 11 months, but it is not known exactly why he was discharged.

Yevgeniy resided in Mastic beach with his mother as well as her third husband. Regina is a nurse who works in the Hamptons.

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According to the woman’s first American husband, Regina and her son were living “modestly” in Russia—that is when he met her online. He travelled to Russia to meet her, and he then brought both her and her son to the United States to live with him in the state of Texas.

The couple was together for several years while Regina studied nursing, he said. However, once she was qualified as a nurse, Regina and her son promptly disappeared. At one point, she called to ask for a divorce, but he had no idea where she was until then.

He describes the whole incident as the most traumatic time in his life, calling her a “very selfish” woman.

Japanese officials have stated that Yevgeniy met many Japanese women online and took those women to various vacation rentals in the country—those meetings occurred prior to his meeting Saki Kondo.

The other women are reportedly safe and well.

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Online dating can be a great way to meet your future partner, and a lot of marriages have happened because of online dating, but you don’t have to search too hard on the internet to find disastrous stories—the sorts of stories that might you want to consider remaining single for the rest of your life.

For example, one person who used online dating to try to meet a woman reports that he had been expecting a date with a 24-year-old woman. Instead, his date was 40-year-old with two children, and she was just using internet dating as a reason to leave her house.

One woman brought a binder full of poems with her on her date, and she actually expected her date to critique them. The poems were laminated.

Another woman was on house arrest, but had “forgotten” to tell her date.

Point is: if you’re going to meet up with someone you encountered online, do be very careful.

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