Artist Makes Illustrations Of Life With His Wife And It’s Hilarious

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The interesting thing about life is that it is so unpredictable you simply don’t know what to expect next. It’s a pretty amazing journey, and the messes you find yourself in sometimes is just a part of that journey.

But the married life multiplies all those things at least ten times. Sometimes you may think that nobody else is in the same tough position as you, but you would likely be surprised that it is normal for a married couple’s life to be more or less crazy.

Yehuda Adi Devir, a comic and character artist and designer, decided to share a series of drawings showing the reality behind his everyday life with his wife Maya.

All of the illustrations he made are truly heartwarming, and anyone who is currently married or in a relationship could probably relate to at least one of them—or even a few. See them for yourself.

1. The Next Great Adventure Is On!

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Beginning a new relationship is pretty exciting, but you simply cannot compare it to one of the biggest steps in your life—marriage. Getting married is something completely different than anything you have ever experienced before.

2. My Turn At The Sink Again?

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This one never gets old—it appears that you are not alone in your almost daily chore to do the dishes. This is surely one of the most annoying things that has to be done regularly in any home.

3. Going Out Is No Easy Task

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Every guy is likely familiar with the long and painful procedure of his girl preparing for a night out. She has a million things to do before she’s ready, and still she takes her time, so you end up late.

4. Her Touch Is Irreplaceable

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If you have really found your soul mate, then you would agree that after a long and hard day, or in moments when you are struggling with something, it is only her touch that could make everything go away—the load simply disappears off your back.

5. Daily Pranks Are A Good Thing

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Messing with your partner is part of the fun times you share together, but only if she can take a joke. Otherwise, it is definitely not cool. But when you do it to each other and then laugh about it, it gets better and better over time.

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6. The Man Is Often Used As A Mobile Pillow

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In cases where she did not have a good enough sleep the night before, it is likely that she will lean on you all day long; whenever she can, she will.

7. She Always Feels Cold

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Most women often feel cold, so they seek the warmth of their man; however, when cold feet meet the warm body, take a guess who ends up more uncomfortable.

8. Getting Up Is Hard

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Most men probably have had the same experience—getting up is no easy task, because she wants to cuddle just a little longer. If doesn’t matter if you are already late.

9. Showering Together Could Be Extreme

Image Source: Yehuda Devir

Everyone probably thinks that taking a shower with one’s wife or girlfriend is a nice experience, but it has its downsides, like the ridiculous hot water many women use to shower.

10. Defeating The Cold Weather

Image Source: Instagram

It may seem strange to you just how much she wraps herself up in order to go out on a walk when it’s cold; however, even if you think she puts a warmer outfit than needed, just let her to do it—if it makes her happy, that’s all that matters.

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