Check out this Russian teenager, who was born without hands, as he plays the…

A video of an inspirational Russian teenager, who was born into this world without hands, has gone viral as it shows the boy playing the piano regardless of his disability!

Image Source: YOUTUBE
Image Source: YOUTUBE

The 15 year old boy in question, named Alexei Romanov, was born in Zelenodolsk without hands. He developed a passion for music a couple of years ago when he started listening to the works of classical composers like Mozart and Vivaldi. As a result, his music teacher started teaching him how to play the piano even with his disability. The teenager was supported in his will to learn how to play the piano not only by his teacher, but also by his friends and the couple, who eventually adopted him. His foster parents bought him a synthesizer so that Alexei could start practicing. At first he learned how to play soundtracks of box office winners like Titanic and Twilight. He eventually became so good that he went on to participate in various music competitions. Regardless of the fact that the boy was born without hands, he managed to score some wins.

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The 15 year old teenager was recently invited to take part in the Guests of Tomorrow project for which he performed Yiruma’s hit track River Flows In You. The crowd went crazy as Alexei started playing the popular track on the piano and his performance was outstanding. The video footage of his cover of River Flows In Your was uploaded on the web where it quickly went viral. When speaking about the experience, Alexei shared that at first he was so nervous that he was shaking, but that once he started playing the notes he sank into the music and calmed himself down. The teenager also shared that regardless of the fact that he was born handless, he feels great while playing the piano as though the music “settles inside him”.

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