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Chinese Scientists Used Jellyfish DNA In Order To Create A Glow In The Dark Pig

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Our world is filled with various wonders. One such wonder is the newest invention of a group of Chinese scientists, who’ve managed to create piglets, which are glowing in the dark.

Scientists from South China Agricultural University created 10 little piglets, which glow in the dark. The team of scientists used a technique, which was previously developed for creating fluorescent bunnies by the Turkish, who are currently working on creating glowing sheep. So how does the trick work? The scientists have injected fluorescent protein from a jellyfish DNA into unborn pig embryos. After the piglets were born, they were able to glow in the dark after being lit with black fluorescent light. According to the scientists, the jellyfish DNA won’t affect the piglets in any way, including altering their natural lifespan.

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The piglets aren’t meant for Christmas decoration. The group of scientists is hoping to find a way to produce blood-clotting enzymes in order to cure those who suffer from hemophilia. This is the main reason they try to inject the jellyfish DNA into a larger animals. For example a person who suffers from hemophilia needs a lot of enzymes in his blood and when they develop those enzymes in bigger animals they will become a lot cheaper. It would definitely be easier than building a brand new factory and losing millions of dollars.

They used a technique which was used to develop the first “glowing green” rabbit. The rabbit was developed in Turkey. Currently they are about to try it with sheep.

H/T – University of Hawaii

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