Did You Know That A Female Bank Robber Returned For A Second Heist At ….


Usually, when committing a bank robbery the culprit is always trying to get out with the cash as quickly as humanly possible. The next golden rule is to never return to hit the same place twice just as lightning does.

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However, a woman in Kingswood, Texas forgot all about the unwritten bank robber’s guide and robbed the Woodforest National Bank in the Walmart store not once but two times this month. The first robbery was committed on January 6 when the female thief wore a pattern jacket. She allegedly entered the bank and handed a zipper bag to the teller behind the counter while demanding cash. On January 21 the woman returned to the bank to commit another robbery and allegedly announced “I’m back!” thus leaving no trace of suspicion she was the same criminal.

In both cases the woman was able to steal an undisclosed amount of cash and evade the cops. The police is currently investigating the matter and searching for information that will lead to the thief’s arrest.


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