The MMA Fighter (“Lightning” Murray) Who Fought Anderson Silva Was A Part Of The Largest Robbery In British History

Lee Lamrani Ibrahim Murray, also known as “Lightning” Murray, is probably the most notorious British MMA (mixed martial arts) fighter in the history of the sport. His name became world famous not only for his ferocious fights in the cage but for his criminal acts as well. In an interview with UFC’s president Dana White described Murray as a “really scary dude” and he did not mean just fighter-wise.

During his fighting career Murray was also able to get involved in some pretty serious crimes. He single-handedly organized two separate crime gangs to work together. Their goal was to rob the Securitas Cash Management Ltd. Depot situated in Tonbridge, UK.

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The robbery occurred during the night of February 21, 2006. The culprits managed to kidnap and threaten the family of the bank’s manager and also tied up 14 employees. They got away with an estimate of more than $83 million (£53 million) in banknotes. The police authorities were able to recover a small portion of the stolen money and detain most of the criminals. Murray himself was apprehended by Moroccan police in the capital Rabat and was originally sentenced to 10 years in prison. His sentence was further increased to 25 years after he planned an unsuccessful prison escape.

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