Did You Know That A Shoe Shop Worker Won $1,675 Million After Finding An Old…


Carol Jones from Conwy, Wales is probably the luckiest shoe shop assistant. The 66-year-old woman just won $1,675,000 (1 million GBP) from EuroMillions Millionaire Raffle.


The funny thing was Carol realized she had the ticket five weeks after the actual draw. She was shopping when she discovered it at the bottom of her bag and later went to have it checked just in case, although she didn’t believe she was going to win anything. The shop assistant advised her it was a winning ticket but couldn’t specify anything regarding the amount. When Carol finally called to have it checked she couldn’t believe the amazing news.


Now she has quit her job and is making tons of plans. Carol and her husband have always wanted a new house and a new car so they are finally getting those. Also, they are going to help out their three sons and their families and go to that safari holiday they have dreamed about for years.



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