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Did you know that an artist took selfie every day for 24 YEARS for AMAZING…


There’s one extremely popular time lapse video on YouTube, which shows how Lindsay Lohan has changed for 25 years in just over a minute. And as troubling as the video seems, it’s still fascinating. One ordinary guy has managed to do a similar project.

Karl Baden started taking portrait selfies back in 1987. Through the course of the upcoming 24 years Baden has been using the very same camera and the very same style of shooting – holding his chin up and facing the camera. He has taken one selfie each day for 24 years just before getting ready for work. Nowadays his selfies are in the spotlight of nearly 350,000 views from YouTube users. Using his snaps Baden made a 2 minute long video clip, which shows the process of ageing and how it transformed his facial features.


Baden told the media he didn’t use any camera filters or different angels, he didn’t do any different poses and he didn’t really change his haircut.


Written by Patrick Bennet

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